Meeting Information

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, the foreseen SWT#9 to be held at Bucharest is moved to a TBC date in 2021. To foster communication but avoid long-lasting teleconferences, we will organize a series of 2.5-hour webex teleconferences, until we can reconvene the SWT#9 in Bucharest.


The second virtual SWT took place on 19 January 2020. The presentations are available on livelink.





14:00 - 14:10   Welcome Intro (J.Zender)

Status Reporting

14:10    Mission Status Report (D.Galano)

14:20    Project Scientist Report (J.Zender)

14:30    ASPIICS PI Report (A.Zhukov)

14:40    DARA PI Report (W.Schmutz)

14:50    ASPIICS Instrument Status (C.Thizy)

15:00    SOC Status (B. Bourgoignie)


15:40  Error Estimations of Polarization Brightness and Angle (B. Inhester)

16:10 Thermal Modeling of the Solar Corona (T. Katsiyannis)

16:40   AOB, next meetings

16:50    closure of vSWT1



The presentations can be found on livelink using this link.