Proba-3 virtual Science Working Team Meeting #6

25 February 2022

14:00 - 17:00






14:00 - 14:05   Welcome Intro (J.Zender)

Status Reporting 

14:05    Mission Status Report (D.Galano)

14:25    Project Scientist Report (J.Zender)

14:35    ASPIICS PI Report (A.Zhukov)

14:55    DARA PI Report (W.Schmutz)

15:10    ASPIICS Instrument Status (C.Thizy)

15:40    SOC Status (B. Bourgoignie)


16:00   Environmental Calibration Campaign (J. Versluys)

16:15   Observation of the Solar F-corona from Space (P. Lamy)

16:45   AOB, next meetings

17:00   closure of vSWT6



In order to allow smooth teleconferences, please follow these general guidelines:

Rules of the Road for virtual SWTs


  • Please identify yourself with your full name.
    • When starting up webex, there is an entry for your name that is most likely preset. Please ensure, it contains your full name. 
    • If for technical reason your name is not clearly shown, introduce yourself by using the chat function
    • Unknown user will be disconnected
  • We start the meeting with activated camera. Please allow to give this virtual events at least a touch of personality by showing your face. 
  • During the meeting, switch on your camera, when you are presenting or talking. In listening mode, please turn off your camera.
  • Please mute yourself during the meeting.
  • Unmute only when you are speaking
  • Questions can be asked or indicated by using the Chat-function during on-going presentations
  • There is a 'raise hands' functionality. Please use it, if you want to ask directly to the presenter. Hover with the mouse over your name, a hands-up sign will appear, that you can then select/click.