TAP main functionalities

2.1. Data download types

The SOHO TAP provides two ways to download data operation modes: Synchronous and Asynchronous.

  • Synchronous: the response to the request is generated as soon as the request is received by the server, up to a certain amount of data volume requested. The limit is set to 2 GB for SOHO.
  • Asynchronous: the server will start a job that will execute the request. The first response to the request is a link to obtain the job status. Once the job is finished, the results can be retrieved. This mode is provided for data queries bigger than the synchronous data size limit, up to 50 GB for the SOHO archive. As no registration is available for the SOHO TAP server, the link generated by the server will need to be checked manually by the user.

2.2. Data access modes

A TAP server provides two possible access modes: public and authenticated

  • Public: this is the standard TAP access. A user can perform metadata queries and data retrievals without login.
  • Authenticated: not applicable for the SOHO TAP server

2.3. Types of requests

A TAP server can be used either for data and metadata requests

Request Type



DATA REQUEST To retrieve a product file or several of them in a single tar file See section 3.1
METADATA REQUEST To retrieve the metadata details of product file(s) See section 3.2

2.3 - Table 1: Types of requests