2010-06-24 Additional housekeeping parameters have been included in the View Graphs application.
2010-05-10 The newly developed SSMM Status page displays the data volume stored in the Solid State Mass Memory.
2009-07-23 It is now possible to export files selected in the File Tracker as a (gzip-compressed) tar archive file.
2008-09-15 The View Graphs application allows the users to visualise spacecraft housekeeping data.
2007-10-01 The File Tracker no longer lists Star Occultation Files (STOVs). If you need STOVs, please get them from the DDS.
2007-05-21 PIs can now enjoy the ORFA Sequence Number Dispenser, which tells them the sequence number they should give MCRP, MDRP and MPRP type files.
2007-04-27 A new facility called the SubmitFTS Sequence Number Dispenser has been added. It will tell the people of VSOC which sequence number they should give the files that they send to VMOC. It is probably only useful for VSOC members.
2006-11-15 A new facility called the Data Volume Analyzer has been added. It allows the comparison of data volumes as predicted by EPS and those found by the Level 1B processor.
2006-05-16 The file tracker and the log viewer will spread results over several pages.
In the file tracker files inside a container file (like a POR inside a PORG) will no longer be shown on the main view. Click on the container file to get a list of the files inside.
Log entries that tell of an absence of data are now colored cyan.
2006-02-13 In the file tracker you can now click on container files (PORGs and CRRGs) to get a listing of the files in those containers.
2006-01-31 In the file tracker you can now save the file by clicking on the "Save" link.
You can now specify a Command Period or Planning Cycle in the file query.
2006-01-25 An online EPS check for Input Time Lines has been added.
2005-12-08 You can now enter the Venus Express document repository on Livelink directly (as guest) using the menu entry on the left.
2005-11-29 The log viewer will now open with all processes wrapped up and only the first log message of the process showing. Click on the button in front of the line to expand or collapse the log messages for that process. Or click the "Expand All"/"Collapse All" button above the table of messages.
2005-11-02 A popup window that describes the file types has been added to the file tracker (click the "description" link).
2005-10-28 The file tracker can now select files by date.
2005-10-14 Memory Patch Requests (MPRs) trigger an automatic response (PRR) from the MOC. These PRRs can now be viewed via the file tracker. They are also avialable in the "accepted" column for MPR files.
2005-10-11/12 Enhanced handling of Acknowledgements:
Files that arrived via ORFA and generated an acknowledgement now sport a link that shows that acknowledgement.
Acknowledgements now link to the ORFA log of the files that they apply to.
2005-10-06 The log viewer will now accept dates that have single digit months and days.
  Added a "What's New?" page.
2005-09-30 The file tracker will now show whether a POR file was accepted or not, and link to the CRR that describes that acceptance/rejection.