The Cruise Science subgroup is part of the Young Scientist Study Group (YSSG) and has a similar approach, where motivated scientists voluntarily review papers and/or present their science work, but focusing only on the cruise phase of BepiColombo. This includes the coordinated measurements from Solar Orbiter, Parker Solar Probe and any other heliospheric missions. The topics that will be addressed are:


  • 1) Solar wind properties and turbulence.

  • 2) Interplanetary events (CMEs, CIRs, Planetary Space Weather, shocks...).

  • 3) Venus science (atmosphere/ magnetosphere, solar wind-induced magnetosphere coupling).



Subgroup Chairs: Lina Hadid & Beatriz Sanchez-Cano










New publications:


  • Lario et al., ApJ, 2022: Influence of Large-scale Interplanetary Structures on the Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles: The Multispacecraft Event on 2021 October 9
  • Palmerio et al., Space Weather, 2022: CMEs and SEPs During November–December 2020: A Challenge for Real-Time Space Weather Forecasting
  • Sun et al. Ann. Geophys., 2022: Dayside magnetopause reconnection and flux transfer events under radial interplanetary magnetic field (IMF): BepiColombo Earth-flyby observations
  • Harada et al., GRL, 2022: BepiColombo Mio Observations of Low-Energy Ions During the First Mercury Flyby: Initial Results
  • Telloni et al., ApJL., 2022: Observation and Modeling of the Solar Wind Turbulence Evolution in the Sub-Mercury Inner Heliosphere
  • Alberti et al., A&A, 2022: Tracking of magnetic helicity evolution in the inner heliosphere
  • ​​​​Alberti et al., ApJ, 2022: The "Singular" Behavior of the Solar Wind Scaling Features during Parker Solar Probe–BepiColombo Radial Alignment