The Cruise Science Study Group (CSSG) meets once every two months, typically on the last week of the month. Previous meetings agendas:


  • 6th Meeting: 28 September 2021 (together with the Venus flyby group)

The Agenda will come soon!



  • 5th Meeting: 1 June 2021


Daniele Telloni: Evolution of Solar Wind Turbulence from 0.1 to 1 au during the First Parker Solar Probe–Solar Orbiter Radial Alignment.

Tommaso Alberti: The “singular” behavior of the solar wind between PSP and BepiColombo orbits.

Bernard Jackson: Space Weather – Predictions and Forecasts of Plasma Parameters at the Inner Planets and Spacecraft


  • 4th Meeting: 29 March 2021


Victor Reville: 3D MHD modeling of the heliosphere, applications to multi-spacecraft in situ and remote sensing analysis. 

On-going studies:

Ronan Laker: Ripples in the Heliospheric Current Sheet: Dependence on Latitude and Transient Events

Ferdinand Plaschke: Foreshock signatures observed during Bepi’s Earth flyby

Takeshi Imamura: Simultaneous radio occultation observation of the solar corona with Akatsuki and BepiColombo


  • 3rd Meeting: 25 January 2021


Emma Davies: "In-Situ Multi-Spacecraft and Remote Imaging Observations of the First CME Detected by Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo"

Martin Volwerk:  BepiColombo Venus flyby observations 

Stuart Bale: Overview of Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Venus flybys observations

Lina Hadid: Solar Orbiter Venus flyby: Radio and Plasma waves observations


  • 2nd Meeting: 27 October 2020

Paper Review:

Matt James: “Interplanetary magnetic field properties and variability near Mercury"

Miho Janvier: "How multi-spacecraft studies of ICMEs provide insights into their evolution"

On-going studies:

Rumi Nakamura: “BepiColombo Earth flyby Working Group: planning and updates”

Erika Palmerio: "Following solar eruptions across the heliosphere"


  • 1st Meeting: 25 August 2020

Tommaso Alberti: "Multiscale chaotic nature of the solar wind through the heliosphere"

Emilia Kilpua: "Multipoint observations of CMEs in the solar wind"

Andrew Dimmock: "Solar Orbiter working group: shocks and particle energisation (hypothetical examples of events)"