The Business in Space Growth Network - what it is?

ESA is promoting the development of a market for the commercial use of human-tended platforms in Low Earth Orbit, thereby contributing to the emergence of and transition towards a sustainable LEO and Lunar economy. The BSGN is aiming to lay the groundwork  for new space-enabled commercial activities leveraging LEO-based infrastructures as well as new exploration-related infrastructures to be built around and on the Moon. 

The BSGN wants to identify, understand, and activate new user communities in an effort to probe non-space markets for their potential to deliver scalable space-enabled applications, services and products. In this context, ESA is looking for an implementation partner who will act as incubator for early-stage projects that demonstrate a clear commercial use case but require further assistance with the development and financial investment to become success cases. 

This so-called Market-Stimulation Programme (MSP) shall be developed by the implementation partner with a clear focus on a dedicated area of interest such as a specific target-market or challenge that can be justified with some preliminary market assessment and interest from relevant stakeholders. The main objective is to implement space-enabled commercial activities in alignment with the overall goal of the programme also taking into account the stakeholders in an effort to secure a more long-term engagement


The implementation partner will be expected to: 

  • Identify and propose a programme with clear scope and objectives, underpinned by proven expertise and insight; 
  • Engage all relevant stakeholders from the start to derive objectives that are in alignment with both user needs, project owners, and third-party sponsors;
  • Develop a financial plan that considers the end-to-end cost of managing the programme, the end-to-end cost for project development from proposal selection to service/product delivery, and the (co-)funding of these activities in alignment with co-funding made available by ESA; 
  • Conceptualise a long-term business model for continuation of the programme that is to some extent self-sustaining and where the programme owner can sustain its activities through funding from third-parties;


The objectives of this activity are considered successful in the case of: 

  • Secured investment by third-party funding sources matching ESA-funding to implement commercial activities 
  • Formation of new user communities in the target areas identified 
  • At least three space-enabled commercial activities being concluded successfully 
  • Overall satisfaction of the key stakeholders 



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