Business in Space Growth Network Info Day [Online] 

16 June 2020, 14:00-16:00 CEST


What is this event about? 


ESA is preparing to launch the Business in Space Growth Network (BSGN) and will highlight opportunities for a multitude of stakeholders to engage in the development of an incubator-like programme that aims to stimulate the market for commercial applications in Low-Earth-Orbit and beyond. To develop this programme, ESA is in particular anticipating the publication of an Invitation to Tender in June/July with the aim to find a suitable external implementation partner for this market-stimulation programme.
The event will introduce the BSGN overall concept, the market-stimulation programme, provide an overview of ESA Commercial Partners offering ISS Services, and provide a chance to hear from and discuss with experts about potential applications in areas such as in-space manufacturing, life sciences, and novel technologies. Finally, the procurement process will be presented with a chance to ask questions. 

This live-streaming session is organised by the Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration. In case of questions please reach out to


Who should attend?


  • Business- and industrial clusters as well as innovation hubs interested to set-up and operate an innovative market-specific incubation programme aiming to implement commercial activities in Low-Earth-Orbit and beyond 
  • R&D managers and engineers interested to understand how space can fuel industrial innovation and accelerate product development 
  • Business developers and innovation managers looking to develop new business models in an emerging market 
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups who are looking for expertise and funding to make their space-enabled mission possible
  • Sponsors, investors, and venture capitalists interested in investing in a portfolio of space-enabled commercial activities 
  • Research organisations and universities interested in conducting commercially-driven research in space 
  • Philanthropic and non-profit organisations as well as government institutions interested to understand how research in space can help tackle challenges such as climate change, provision of clean water and nutrition even under harsh conditions 
  • All industries are welcome


To know more about the Business in Space Growth network please refer to the background information page or download the overview here.