First Meeting – June 11-15, 2015

The first meeting served both to introduce the team members to each other and to bring the members with their varying scientific backgrounds on a common level of understanding of the involved physics and observational data.

Erik Kuulkers Julien Malzac

After a general introduction to ISSI, the meeting began with a review of X-ray burst properties, followed by review talks about our knowledge on coronae in X-ray binaries and their connection to the accretion structure. Further reviews discussed the disk/jet connection in X-ray binaries and the interaction of radiation with the accretion disk or reflection. Various contributions presented observational data, especially evidence for feedback from the burst on the corona, but also other burst properties.

After discussion of possible further diagnostics for burst/disk/corona interactions, the abilities of  upcoming missions (HXMT, XTP, ASTRO-H, and ASTROSAT) were presented.

The meeting finished with discussions around future observations and plans for further studies, leading to the draft of a detailed to-do list leading up to the second meeting.