European Exploration Envelope Programme 

Industry Day


Date: 16 July 2019

Location: estec / erasmus centre, Noordwijk, NL



ESA invites industry, startups and SMEs to participate at the ‘European Exploration Envelope Programme (E3P2) Industry Day’. The event will take place on Tuesday 16 July at ESA/ESTEC, ERASMUS Centre.

The main aim of this event is to inform industry on the content of the E3P2 Programme, the procurement approach the Agency intends to implement, and to foster the dialogue between prime bidders and suppliers in view of the forthcoming ITTs for the development of the second period of the European Exploration Envelope Programme.


E3P2 background

Space19+ will set the agenda for Europe’s key space actions into the coming decade. The second period of E3P will advance the implementation of the ESA space exploration strategy through balancing investments between the three ESA exploration destinations (Low Earth Orbit - LEO, Moon and Mars) and between human infrastructures, transportation and robotic missions. These activities will be implemented through four sustained exploration campaigns and undertaken in partnership with international and commercial partners worldwide. All four cornerstones use infrastructure investments to generate benefits in terms of knowledge, innovation and inspiration.

The European Exploration Envelope Programme Period 2 (E3P2) proposal is a logical extension of the E3P Period 1 programme. It is structured around four cornerstone mission campaigns:

1. Humans in Low Earth Orbit
2. Humans beyond LEO
3. Lunar robotic exploration
4. Mars robotic exploration

Each campaign will enable comprehensive scientific activities (SciSpacE) while future developments will be supported by technology innovation preparatory activities (ExPeRT).

All proposed activities are ambitious but affordable and have a strong inspirational dimension with an integrated rationale. The implementation approach is incremental, as new activities are based on European past exploration technologies and knowhow. The programmatic approach is based on realistic international cooperation at ‘campaign level’, with ESA leadership in selected missions. The outcomes of the programme will expand the benefits to new areas like AI-enabled robotics and sustaining life in harsh environments.


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