Time Topic                                                        Presenter
08:45 Registration and coffee  
09:15 Welcome and Introduction  
09:35 General presentation E3P Period 2 D. Parker
  Detailed programmatic / technical presentations part I  
10:00 Cornerstone 1:Humans in LEO (Columbus 2030) T. Sheasby
10:15 Cornerstone 2: Humans beyond LEO (Gateway, ESM) D.Laurini, P. Deloo
10:45 Cornerstone 3: Lunar Robotic Exploration (HERACLES, ISRU, commercial lunar missions, Payloads for Mission of Opportunity) M. Landgraf, D. Binns,  F. Liucci
11:15 Coffee Break  
  Detailed programmatic / technical presentations part II  
11:45 Cornerstone 4: Mars Robotic Exploration (MSR, SFR, ERO) S. Vijendran, L. Duvet, S. Aziz, O. Sutherland
12:30 SciSpace A. Schoen
12:45 Expert G. Magistrati
13:00 Lunch and Networking  
  Procurement aspects  
14:00 E3P2 Procurement general presentation and Q&A C. Regus
15:00 TAS/Airbus Presentations  
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00 ERO* ITT presentation and Q&A P. Arrabal, O. Sutherland
17:00 Wrap up and next steps D. Parker
17:30 End