internet connection at esac


At ESAC there are 2 ways to obtain a secure internet connection:

  1. Using EDUROAM - you can find more details here
  2. Using ESA WiFi Guest Self Registration.


Each participant can self-register themselves for an account to access the "esa-public" or "esa-conference" WiFi profiles.


Registration Code valid for the period of the Workshop:

  • for ESA-Public: ESA43402
  • for ESA-Conference: ESA51131


If you would like to proceed with self-registration you should, once at ESAC:

  • connect to the "esa-public" or "esa-conference" Wi-Fi profile 
  • open an Internet browser: you will then be redirected to the Guest Portal as shown below
  • click on the "Don't have an account? Register here" link at the bottom of the page



  • fill in the requested information and click on "Register"



You will then receive your credentials via SMS directly on your mobile phone; the account is valid for 5 calendar days from creation.