The workshop will start on Tuesday 25 October 2022 at 14:00, finishing on Friday 28 September at lunch time.

Abstract booklet (24/10/2022)

At ESAC the workshop is taking place in the D1 conference/meeting room.

Programme of ESA-ESO Euclid workshop, 25-28 October 2022
Tuesday 25th October, start 14:00
   Video session 25/10/2022 afternoon
14:00 Welcome to "Galaxy evolution with the ESA Euclid mission and ESO telescopes"
  Markus Kissler-Pattig (head of Science & Operations Department, ESAC)
14:15 The Euclid mission and its legacy potential on galaxy evolution
  Francisco Castander (invited talk)
15:00 The local universe with Euclid
  Annette Ferguson (invited talk) - on-line
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Euclid from the US Perspective
  Jason Rhodes (invited talk)
16:30 The evolution of the internal structures of galaxies with Euclid
  Sandor Kruk
16:50 The detectability of Extragalactic Globular Clusters and Relic Nuclei with Euclid.
  Karina Voggel - on-line
17:10 Resolving stellar populations in the nearest giant elliptical galaxy
  Marina Rejkuba - on-line
18:00 Bus to Madrid
Wednesday 26th October
  Video session 26/10/2022
09:30 Euclid in the ESA science programme
  Günther Hasinger 
09:45 The formation and evolution of galaxies and black holes: Euclid-ESO synergies and beyond
  R. Maiolino (invited talk) - on-line
10:20 3D intrinsic shapes of quiescent galaxies in observations and simulations
  Junkai Zhang
10:40 The role of the stellar mass-halo mass on galaxy mergers, satellite abundances and morphology
  Hao Fu
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Witnessing the Formation of Massive Galaxies in the (Sub)Millimeter Regime
  Helmut Dannerbauer (invited talk)
12:35 Inferring spectroscopic features of galaxies from their broadband colors using Self Organizing Maps
  Marziye Jafariyazani
13:30 Lunch break
14:30 Dark high-z galaxies with Euclid
  Giulia Rodighiero (invited talk) 
15:00 Rise and fall of star formation activities in clusters/protoclusters
  Tadayuki Kodama (invited talk)
15:30 Detecting dual/lensed AGNS at small separations with Euclid and AO-assisted spectrographs
  Filippo Mannucci - on-line
15:50 Coffee break
16:20 China 6.5m spectroscopic survey telescope - Euclid synergy
  Sonh Huang - on-line
16:40 A systematic protocluster search at z~3-5 by an optical wide-field survey
  Jun Toshikawa
17:00 Exploring the infrared emission from protoclusters with Euclid
  Mariko Kubo
17:20 Constraining galaxy formation with Euclid: stellar halos and tidal debris in external galaxies
  Tjitske Starkenburg - on-line
18:00 Bus to Madrid
Thursday 27th October
  video session 27/10/2022
09:30 ESO follow-up: VLT and ELT 
  Michele Cirasuolo
10:00 ALMA capabilities for Euclid follow-up
  Carlos de Breuck & Maria Diaz Trigo
10:30 Exploring galaxy evolution through wide, deep near-infrared imaging via the ESO Public Survey SHARKS 
  Helmut Dannerbauer
10:50 Study of scaling relations and host galaxy properties of AGNs using the SHARKS survey
  Emmanuel Ríos-López
11:10 Coffe break
11:40 Strong gravitational lensing, a pathway to new physics
  Simona Vegetti (invited talk) - on-line
12:10 Radio-astronomy follow-up for Euclid 
  Nick Seymour (invited talk)
12:40 Physical properties of galaxies in Euclid via Machine Learning 
  Micol Bolzonella - on-line
13:00 Discussion on ESO and other ground-based follow-up
13:30 Lunch break
14:30 eROSITA and the synergy with Euclid
  Mara Salvato (invited talk)
15:00 Gran Telescopio Canarias for the color-redshift calibration of the upcoming Euclid mission
  Chiara D'Eugenio
15:20 Search for rare overweight galaxies with Euclid
  Lucia Pozzetti - on-line
15:40 Coffee break
16:10 Optical and Infrared spectrocopy follow-up for Euclid
  Pascal Oesch (invited talk) - Optical-IR spectroscopy
16:40 Rubin-Euclid Derived Data Products: a platform for galaxy evolution studies
  Jean-Charles Cuillandre
17:00 The AGEL Survey: Strong Gravitational Lenses in the DES and DECaLS Fields
  Kim-Vy Tran - on-line
17:20 Multi-wavelength studies of primordial galaxies in the era of Euclid, SPHEREx and JWST
  Asantha Cooray (invited talk)
17:40 Cocktail - diner at ESAC
19:30 Bus to Madrid
Friday 28th October
  video session 28/10/2022 morning
09:30 Lessons from JWST + ALMA for Future High-Redshift Galaxy Studies with Euclid
  Rychard Bouwens (invited talk) on-line
10:00 A wide-area view on reionization and massive galaxy formation:
lessons learned from existing data at z~7 and future prospects with Euclid
  Ryan Endsley - on-line
10:20 The most UV-luminous starbursts at z~2-4: massive unobscured star formation in the early Universe
  Rui Marques-Chaves
10:40 Structural evolution of star-forming galaxies since cosmic noon
  Stijn Wuyts
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 The emergence of galaxies in the epoch of reionization and their large-scale effects: advances and implications
  Pratika Dayal (invited talk) - on-line
12:00 Stellar mass dependence of galaxy size-halo radius relation revealed by Subaru-HSC weak lensing measurements
  Preetish Mishra - on-line
12:20 Hidden below the dust: the serendipitous discovery of an extremely bright lensed SMG behind the Lupus-1 molecular cloud.
  Belén Alcalde Pampliega