The workshop will be held at the European Space Astronomy Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA/ESAC), located 30 km north-west of Madrid city centre.

The Building D conference centre is located on the far-side of ESAC premises, about 300 meters walking distance from the entrance gate. Poster sessions together with cofee/tee breaks will be held in the entrance hall of Building D.

The workshop will be held in conference room "D002", directly accessible from the entrance hall. Tables and chairs are provided with electrical sockets accessible to all participants. Another large room on the same floor ("D003") will be available for splinters and ad-hoc organized discussions.

Lunch will be served in the ESAC on-site restaurant from 13:30h. Please come to the restaurant on-time!

Direct printing from your laptop or mobile device is possible on a printer located in the D building in the same floor with the conference room. This printer can be used to produce your boarding card or other documents of small volume. User instructions how to connect and configure your printer setup are provided on the conference desk (for OSX, Windows, Linux and IOS devices).


WIFI connection at esac

You can connect to esa-conference (SSID) network what allows your devices to connect the internet through wireless network. This restricted network allows the use of some basic protocols (http, https, ssh, ftp) and VOIP services such as Skype and Webex. 


remote participation

In case you cannot attend the workshop in person but you want to follow discussions and participate online then  please use the ESA Webex virtual attendance service. Please visit the "Videoconference" page for further details.



We have pre-booked single rooms in Leonardo Hotel City Centre (Madrid) in Madrid downtown and arrange a shuttle bus service from this hotel to ESAC. The pre-booking has been made for the period 19-23 September and the rate is 95 Euros.

Please note the hotel name has been changed due to a change of ownership!

The former Alberto Aguilera Hotel is now called the Leonardo Hotel Madrid City Center:

Reservations you have made before 1st of August on the previous website have been transferred to the same hotel.

For those who still wish to make a reservation please visit the Leonardo Hotel Madrid City Center website above and refer to "Euclid Photometric Calibration Workshop" in order to access the indicated corporate rate. You can make a reservation via e-mail or call directly the hotel.

More information about the hotel can be found on the Leonardo Hotel website.

You are free to make your own reservation in Madrid in case Leonardo Hotel is not your favourite option. You can use the workshop shuttle in any case (see information below "Workshop Shuttle").


workshop shuttle

A workshop shuttle will be provided every morning from Leonardo Hotel Madrid City Center to ESAC, and in the afternoon after the last session back from ESAC to the same place in Madrid. The bus leaves the meeting point at 08:00h on every morning. 

The meeting point is Leonardo Hotel Madrid City Center: Alberto Aguilera 18, 28015 Madrid (coordinates  40°25'48.0"N 3°42'30.5"W). Further information on getting to the meeting point is available on the hotel website:

In case you want this free shuttle service then please show up on time in front of the  Leonardo Hotel Madrid City Center and look for the bus with a table in the front indicating "ESA/ESAC". The bus must leave at 08:00h, please be on time in the pickup point! There is no passenger checklist on board, the driver will not know if someone arrives late.

In case you stay in Madrid in a different hotel you could still use the shuttle service. Please be on time at the pickup point.

The journey from the pickup point to ESAC takes about ~30 minutes.

Bus schedule:

20/09 (Tuesday):       08:00h Leonardo Hotel -> ESAC, 17:45h ESAC -> Leonardo Hotel 

21/09 (Wednesday):  08:00h Leonardo Hotel -> ESAC, 17:45h ESAC -> Leonardo Hotel

22/09 (Thursday):     08:00h Leonardo Hotel -> ESAC, 17:45h ESAC -> Leonardo Hotel

23/09 (Friday):         08:00h Leonardo Hotel -> ESAC, 14:15 TBC  ESAC -> Leonardo Hotel and/or Madrid Barajas Airport

In case of interest, on 23/09 Friday the bus may continue to Madrid Barajas Airport from the hotel, or directly from ESAC. Participants will be asked during the workshop if this transport option is required.


arriving to esac

Your passport or ID number is required for the registration. You will need to show to Security the registered document at arrival to the ESAC main entrance gate. Please be prepared with your ID card, on Tuesday morning all participants shall register between 08:30h and 09:30h in order to start the Wokrshop Session 1 on time!

Security will issue a visitor badge valid for 20-23 September what you need to wear visible all the time at ESAC premises. Visitors coming to ESAC with a valid badge do not need to repeat the passport or ID check.

All participants are requested to proceed from the entrance gate to Building D conference centre (c.f. the Venue).


social event on 21 September

The conference dinner will be held in the Andalusian style restaurant "La Giralda" in downtown Madrid on Wednesday evening at 20:00h (Claudio Coello 24, 28001). The price is 50 euro per person, all inclusive. The menu will be published later and printed copies will be available on the conference desk. Please confirm your interest in the conference dinner at the first day of the workshop in the conference desk.


access to The European Space Astronomy Centre (ESA/ESAC)

Visiting ESAC


ESAC Address
European Space Astronomy Centre
Camino Bajo del Castillo s/n,
Villanueva de la Cañada,
28692 Madrid


GPS Coordinates

Latitude: N 40° 26' 42.7"
Longitude: E -3° 57' 10.4"

Getting Here

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Getting to ESAC from Barajas Airport of Madrid

Approximate Time: 40 minutes in non-peak hours
Distance: 45 km

Madrid Barajas Airport is located 15 km North-East of the city and is linked to Madrid by the M-11 highway. The best option to reach ESAC from Madrid Airport is by car, a trip of 45 km, taking about 40 minutes in non-peak hours (avoid such trip between 18:00 and 20:00). Check the Transport Information System of Madrid for details. There are no hotels near the site, but visitors can either stay in Madrid, in San Lorenzo de El Escorial or in Majadahonda/Las Rozas. The following information indicates the way to ESAC, illustrated by a set of detailed clickable maps below.

1. Exit Madrid Barajas Airport and follow signs Madrid and M-40 in the direction of Zaragoza and Feria de Madrid. You are on the M-11 going toward the M-40.
2. Exit the M-11 highway to the right onto the M-40 Norte at the junction indicating M-40 A-1 E-5 Burgos and A-6 A Coruna.
3. Continue on the M-40 for about 23 km.
4. Take exit 41 to the right toward M-503 Majadahonda and Villanueva de la Canada.
5. Keep right onto M-503 towards Villanueva de la Canada. Exit (exit number 9) onto ramp indicating Villanueva de la Canada.
6. At the roundabout take the road indicating M-503 Villanueva de la Canada.
7. Drive about 5 minutes until the Villafranca and ESA exit which leads you to a round about where you take the third exit towards ESA. 


Locations of ESAC,
Cebreros and Barajas Airport
with respect to Madrid

Barajas to ESAC route

M-11 to M-40 route

M-40 to M-503 route

M-503(M-50) to M-503 route

M-503 to ESAC route


Getting to ESAC from Madrid City Centre

Follow the signs to the A-6 (N-VI) highway in the direction of Villalba. Exit the A-6 (N-VI) highway at Junction 11 onto the M-40 highway towards Toledo, Talavera, N-IV, N-V. Continue along the M-40 for approximately 4 km.

Exit the M-40 highway at Junction 41 onto the M-503 towards M-503, Majadahonda. Continue on the M-503 for approximately 5 km. Exit the M-503 highway at Junction 9 towards Villanueva de la Canada. Although you have left the highway you are still on the M-503. Drive about 5 minutes until the Villafranca and ESA exit which leads you to a round about where you take the third exit towards ESA.