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You will need to register to attend the workshop. Please note, registration and abstract submission are separate processes, there is no need to register on order to submit an abstract of an oral or poster contribution through the abstract submission form. For applicable deadlines see Important Dates.

No workshop registration fee applies.

To register please use the online tool below. Registrations via e-mail are not accepted.

The Conference Dinner can be booked at a cost of TBC Euro (VAT included). Payment has to be done in person at ESAC to the Workshop Secretary before 12:00 on 21 September, only cash payment is accepted. You will receive an invoice upon payment.

Information on corporate hotel services and shuttle to ESAC from Madrid downtown, (and form ESAC to the airport on the closing day) can be found in "Location and Venue".

Questions regarding registration via the online systems, and eventual cancellations should be sent to the workshop dedicated e-mail address (please visit Contact information).



In case you cannot attend the workshop in person but you want to follow discussions and participate online then the LOC could provide virtual attendance options. Two-way communication with audio and video link will be available for external participants. Access details to the ESAC Webex or Polycom systems will be provided by the LOC to all registered participants. We request online participants to register in the workshop even if you cannot attend in person, please type "Online" in the Passport/Id field.


Registered participants

Last update: 19 September 2016

Bruno    Altieri                          ESA/ESAC
Jerôme Amiaux                         CEA
Jeremie    Ansart                      CNES
Rick  Arendt                             NASA
Ruyman    Azzollini                   MSSL
David    Barrado                       Centro de Astrobiologia (INTA-CSIC)
Marc    Betoule                         CNRS
Alexandre    Boucaud                IAS Orsay
Peter    Capak                          IPAC/Caltech
Raymond     Carlberg                University of Toronto
Francisco Javier Castander        Institut de Ciencies de l'Espai (IEEC-CSIC)
Chris    Conselice                      U. Nottingham
Luca    Conversi                        ESA/ESAC
Jean-Charles    Cuillandre          CEA-Saclay / Obs. de Paris
Susana    Deustua                    Space Telescope Science Institute
Xavier    Dupac                         ESA/ESAC
Anne    Ealet                            CPPM
Benoit    Epinat                         LAM
Audrey    Galametz                   MPE Garching
Juan    Garcia-Bellido                Universidad Autonoma Madrid
William  Gillard                         CPPM
Giovanna Girardo                      ESA/ESTEC
Yannick  Giraud-Héraud             Paris University
Javier    Gracia Carpio               MPE
Holger    Israel                         LMU Muenchen
Alexander  Kashlinsky               NASA
Mher Kazandjian                       Leiden Observatory
Thomas Kitching                       UCL
Ralf    Kohley                            ESA/ESAC
Bogna Kubik                             IPNL
Dustin    Lang                           University of Toronto
René    Laureijs                         ESA/ESTEC
Nicolas    Lodieu                        IAC, Tenerife
Elisabetta    Maiorano                INAF-IASF Bologna (Italy)
Dida    Markovic                        ICG Portsmouth
Eduardo    Martin                      Centro de Astrobiologia
Yannick Mellier                          IAP
Mohammad    Mirkazemi            Univ. Munich
Joe    Mohr                               LMU-Munich
Stephane Paltani                       University of Geneva
Will    Percival                           University of Portsmouth
Gianluca  Polenta                      ASDC and INAF-OAR
Cyrille Rosset                            Paris University
Marc Sauvage                           CEA/Irfu
David    Schade                         National Research Council Canada
Eddie  Schlalfy                          MPIA
Marco Scodeggio                       INAF IASF-Milano
Vivien    Scottez                        Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Gert     Sikkema                        Kapteyn Institute Groningen
Harry    Teplitz                          IPAC/Caltech
Patrick    Tisserand                    IAP
Jose    Varela López                   CEFCA
Roland    Vavrek                        ESA/ESAC
Gijs    Verdoes Kleijn                  Kapteyn Astronomical Institute; University of Groningen
Stefanie    Wachter                    MPIA

invited participants

Marc Betoule                            LPNHE - Laboratiore de Physique Nucléaire de Haute Energies
Sean Carey                              IPAC
Susana Deustea                       Space Telescope Science Institute
Carme Jordi Nebot                    IEEC and University of Barcelona