ESA Exoplanet Team



Our ESA Exoplanet Team is a forum uniting scientists in the ESA Science Faculty (ESAC/ESTEC/STScI) and former ESA staff as external collaborators to discuss ongoing research, missions, and ideas. This includes studies of exoplanetary systems, their host stars, and star-planet interactions - but explicitly also the solar-stellar connection and planetary sciences. This "interest group" meets at least every month to encourage teamwork across the member's diverse disciplines and foster collaborations with our international colleagues at universities and research institutes.




Our members work on many different aspects of exoplanet and planetary science, space mission design and operations, and various related topics. Feel free to have a look at Our Members to get an overview, and reach out to any of us to spark discussions. For current and former ESA staff, our email distribution list is exoplanetwg at If you would like to join this list, please reach out to the current Chair of the ESA Exoplanet Team.



Career & Collaboration Opportunities


Whether you are interested in student opportunties, internships, PhD opportunities, Research Fellowships, Visitorships, Sabbaticals, or proposing your novel ideas about space science to ESA - you are at the right address. Simply check out our Let's Work Together webpage to get an overview of all the diverse opportunities. Also, have a look at Our Members to see what everyone is working on, and get in touch to ask questions or discuss your research plans.



Meetings & Conferences


Monthly Coffee Chats: Our ESA Exoplanet Team holds friendly Coffee Chats every first Tuesday of the month at 16:00 CET/CEST. These informal events are usually accompanied by one or two informal science presentations by visitors or team members. Past presentations ranged from published papers to home-made outreach projects. These meetings are open to everyone. Whether you are visiting STScI/ESAC/ESTEC, collaborating on ESA projects, or simply would like to brainstorm ideas and projects, please get in touch with the current Chair of our ESA Exoplanet Team, and we will be looking forward to welcoming you!
Yearly Holland- and Madrid-Area Exoplanet Science Meetings (HAESM/MAESM): Every spring/autumn we organise a larger day conference, to which we explicitly encourage all our neighbouring institutes to spend the day at ESTEC or ESAC. You can find all information and recordings from past meetings here.

International Conferences: Have a look at the up-to-date website maintained by our colleagues at to get an overview of all the events going on in the exoplanet field.



Questions about the ESA Exoplanet Team? Please email any of our members and we will be happy to help!
Last updated 1 Feb 2024