ESA's Holland- and Madrid-Area Exoplanet Science Meetings




Twice per year we are inviting all our ESA colleagues (from STScI, ESAC, ESTEC and more) as well as internal and external collaborators for joint in-person and hybrid meetings to keep in touch, build our joint collaborative network, and brainstorm new ideas.

Every spring, ESTEC is typically organising and hosting ESA's Holland-Area Exoplanet Science Meeting (HAESM) uniting our institutes with the universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Groeningen, Delft, and SRON and ASTRON, as well as many more colleagues.

Every autumn, ESAC invites all our colleagues from neighbouring Spanish institutes, such as the Centro de Astrobiología sites in Torrejón de Ardoz and at ESAC, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for ESA's Madrid-Area Exoplanet Science Meeting (MAESM).



ESAC image credit: ESA.
ESTEC image credit: ESA.
ESA Office at STScI image credit: Coyle Studio, STScI, NASA, ESA.
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Last updated 1 Feb 2024