1st Announcement: FAIRPLAY workshop


The Fluvial Aeolian InteRactions on PLAnetarY surfaces workshop (FAIRPLAY) aims to promote synergy between different scientific communities that are directly or indirectly involved in the research of aeolian-fluvial interactions on planetary surfaces. 

This workshop is organised by the Working group on Aeolian-Fluvial Terrain Interactions (WAFTI), recently established at the European Space Agency (ESA). The workshop will be a hybrid event with space for 100 in-person attendees. Registration and abstract submission will be free of charge.


The workshop focusses on aeolian-fluvial interactions on Earth, Mars and Titan, in the following subject areas:

  • The influence of aeolian transport on fluvial morphodynamics and vice versa
  • Sediment transport, sediment budgets and bedform dynamics
  • Sedimentology 
  • Coupling between atmospheric and surface processes 
  • Remote sensing and in situ measurements 
  • Planetary analogues
  • Implication for past or present habitable environments on other planets
  • The potential for future exploration and investigation of planetary surfaces

We accept research on all spatial and temporal scales.


Date: 1-3 November 2023




Rickbir Bahia – ESA/ESTEC
Eleni Bohacek – ESA/ESTEC
Lisanne Braat – ESA/ESTEC
Lucie Riu – ESA/ESAC
Sarah Boazman – ESA/ESTEC
Colin Wilson – ESA/ESTEC
Elliot Sefton-Nash – ESA/ESTEC