11:00    George Efstathiou The Legacy of Planck (talk to ESAC community)

13:30    Jose Alberto Rubino-Martin, RADIOFOREGROUNDS. Combining PLANCK and QUIJOTE MFI data

14:00    Biuse Casaponsa, Component separation with neural networks with Planck + QUIJOTE MFI
14:20    Frédérick Poidevin, Galactic AME sources in the QUIJOTE-MFI North Hemisphere Wide-Survey
14:40    Hans Kristian Eriksen, Next generation LFI processing with BeyondPlanck
15:10    Guilaine Lagache, CIB: what can still be learned from CMB experiments?
15:30    Coffee    
16:00    Patricio Vielva, Recovering T-E correlated and T-E uncorrelated maps from CMB maps
16:20    Pedro Carvalho, Reliability and Thermal Properties of high-frequency sources in the PCCS2
16:40    Bruce Partridge, Using Planck for the Absolute Calibration of Ground-Based Instruments
17:00    Graça Rocha, Generating a new catalog of polarized, variable, compact sources from Planck time-ordered data
17:20    Will Handley, Inflation, curvature and kinetic dominance
17:40    Jacques Delabrouille, The Planck legacy sky model
18:10    End    
18:30    Bus to El Escorial



8:00     Bus leaves EL Escorial    
9:00     Jean-Loup Puget & Jean-Marc Delouis, Improved HFI frequency maps beyond the 2018 release
9:45     Reijo Keskitalo, NPIPE processing of Planck data
10:30    Coffee    
11:00    Ingunn Wehus, Component separation of NPIPE maps
11:30    Charles Lawrence/Reijo Keskitalo/Brandon Hensley, Polarization maps at 545 and 847 GHz
11:50    Luca Pagano, Power spectra and tau likelihood
12:10    Paolo Natoli/Alessandro Gruppuso, Combining low-ell polarization data
12:30    Lunch        
14:00    Carlo Baccigalupi, Planck & Future Satellite missions
14:30    Mathieu Remazeilles, Can the relativistic SZ effects alleviate the Planck tension on σ8?
14:50    Gianfranco De Zotti, A systematic search for strongly lensed sub-mm galaxies in Planck catalogues
15:10    Marco Bersanelli, European plans for future CMB experiments
15:40    Jan Tauber, Conclusion
15:50    Coffee    
16:30    Bus to Barajas    
16:30    ST meeting    (ST only)
18:30    END