List of Selected Participants





Anders, Friedrich

Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP)

Galactic Archaeology; Data vs. model comparisons; asteroseismology

Bombrun, Alex ESAC Gaia astrometry; python; data visualisation; data analysis
Cantero Mitjans, Carles ESAC White dwarfs; exoplanets; protoplanetary disks
Cifuentes San Roman, Carlos Centro de Astrobiologia Cool Stars: M Dwarfs; Exoplanets
Corral, Luis Instituto de Astronomi­a y Meteorologia; Universidad de Guadalajara Massive Stars
De Burgos, Abel Faculty of Physical Sciences; Complutense University of Madrid Stellar population with SpT from O to mid M in the Milky Way
Fernandez, Jose Universidad de Concepcion Galactic dynamics and stellar nucleosynthesis
Fernández-Alvar, Emma Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur Galactic Archaeology; Galactic Halo; Chemical Abundances
Fiteni, Karl Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy; University of Malta Simulations of MW-type galaxies / Secular evolution of galaxies
Fritz, Tobias Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias Extracting proper motion from diverse data sets and their use for dynamics; espcially of the halo
Gálvez Ortiz, Maria Cruz Centro de astrobiologia Low mass stars; brown dwarfs
Garcia Palau, Carles Universitat de Barcelona - Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB) Astronomy - Globular Clusters
Gomez Flechoso, Maria A. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Galactic Dynamics
Galindo Guil, Francisco José Nordic Optical Telescope Open Clusters
Heflin, Kiley University of Alabama in Huntsville Astrophysics
Hendy, Yasser National Research Institute of Astronomy & Geophysics Open star cluster
Hernandez, Jose ESAC Gaia; Astrometry; AGIS; software.
Hwang, Hsiang-Chih Johns Hopkins University Time-domain analysis in WISE
Kaltcheva, Nadejda University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Stellar Photometry; Open Clusters; OB Associations
Khachaturyants, Tigran Jeremiah Horrocks Institute; University of Central Lancashire Galaxy Dynamics
Larreina, Irati University of Vienna Star formation; OB associations
Lennon, Danny ESA Massive stars; runaway stars; young massive clusters
LIAO, Shilong Shanghai Astronomical Observatory; Chinese Academy of Sciences Astrometry and its application for Astrophysics; Galaxy kinematics; Catalog and reference frame construction and analysis;
Lombardi, Marco University of Milan Star formation and molecular clouds
Miglio, Andrea University of Birmingham asteroseismology; stellar modelling
Mints, Alexey Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research Galactic Archaeology
Montes, David UCM; Universidad Complutense de Madrid Cool stars; stellar kinematic groups
Mowlavi, Nami Astronomy Department; University of Geneva Stellar variability; stellar evolution
Navarro, Silvana G. Instituto de Astronomi­a y Meteorologia; Universidad de Guadalajara Stellar evolution of low mass stars (high and mid resolution spectroscopy) and some applications of ANN in Astronomy
Palaversa, Lovro Institute of Astronomy; University of Cambridge stellar variability and transients; red giants; distance scales and classification
Pérez, Alice ESAC Star formation and evolution
Pfenniger, Daniel University of Geneva Galactic dynamics
Preval, Simon University of Leicester Stellar atmospheric modelling and diagnostics; white dwarf stars.
Ramos Ramírez, Pau ICCUB Milky Way Kinematics
Rezaeikhoshbakht, Sara Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) 3D Galactic dust mapping
Rojas-Arriagada, Alvaro Institute of astrophysics; Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile The Galactic bulge and the disk system. Globular clusters. Stellar spectroscopy; chemical abundances. Variable stars
Schwab, Ellianna American Museum of Natural History Astrophysics
Slowikowska, Ro Torun Centre for Astronomy astropolarimetry; WDs; NSs
Smith, Leigh IoA; University of Cambridge astrometry; low-mass stars & brown dwarfs
Valls-Gabaud, David Observatoire de Paris Galaxies; CMDs; statistics
Vioque, Miguel University of Leeds Star Formation
Zocchi, Alice ESA/ESTEC Stellar dynamics - Star clusters