Registration information


The Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab is meant for scientists who want to explore the Gaia data in a collaborative way with the support of our Gaia Archive and Gaia DPAC experts. An active participation in exploring science and forming collaborations is expected. We encourage the participation of young researchers. More information on the set-up of the event is also given on the home page. If you are interested to participate, please send in a registration request using the below registration form. Registration will close on 13 April 2018 23:59 CEST.

A registration to the Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab is a preliminary application. Selection of registered participants will take place immediately after closure of the registration, making sure a broad spectrum of expertise will be present from a variety of institutes / countries. The selection procedure will also try to maximise the opportunities for synergies and collaborations.

Please be aware that there may be an oversubscription to this event, and a place can not be guaranteed. Participant selection will be announced on this webpage as soon as possible after the registration closes, but definitely from 4 May 2018 onwards.  More information on dates and times can be found here.



Some policies are put in place regarding data or software brought to the Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab. There is also a guideline with respect to authorship on any paper following from the exploration at this event. More information on these policies are given on the home page.


Guidelines for filling out the registration

Please enter the requested personal information as asked.

Please provide a short description of the science you would like to explore at the Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab, and how your expertise will help explore science. Also indicate what you would like to gain from attending this event. Please restrict yourself to a few paragraphs max.

On Monday evening there will be a reception to socialize with the other participants and with the Gaia Science Operation team and Gaia Archive team. This reception is offered to you free of charge. Please indicate if you will participate in this evening cocktail.

There will be a bus to transport participants from Madrid to the Exploration Lab in the mornings and back to Madrid in the evenings. Please indicate if you want to make use of this arranged bus. The bus is free of charge. More information on the bus can be found here.

If you experience problems or if things are unclear, please contact the Gaia Helpdesk.


Proof of attendence

At the Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab, you will be provided with a proof of attendence.


Cost of the Exploration Lab

The Exploration Lab is offered free of charge. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses, accomodation and meals.


Should you have a Gaia Archive or Gaia Cosmos or ESA LDAP account, please log in with your username and password in the upper right-hand corner ("Sign in") before registering.

** ESAC is a security area, and visitors need to have a valid passport or national identity card to enter the site. You will need to bring a passport/national identity card to be able to attend the Gaia DR2 Exploration Lab.