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Celebrating 20 years of INTEGRAL Operations on 17 October, we will use this opportunity to bring together key people from the early days of this ESA mission to share with us their experience that lead up to this successful mission, in addition to a science conference dedicated to high-energy astrophysics with INTEGRAL and other current and future missions.

The conference is intended to be a face-to-face meeting, hence re-enabling the long-missed networking possibilities and direct informal exchange on scientific and operational topics. A forum to highlight scientific achievements but also to shape the future of the scientific landscape enabling multi-messenger and high-energy astronomical research.

We take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and interest in the INTEGRAL mission.

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Accepted Invited Speakers

Tomaso Belloni
Eric Burns
Bertrand Cordier
Nathalie Degenaar
Roland Diehl
Diego Gotz
Jason Hessels
Elisabeth Jourdain
Roman Krivonos
Lucien Kuiper
Angela Malizia
Silvia Martínez-Núñez
Alessandro Papitto
Elena Pian
Thomas Siegert
Rashid Sunyaev
Jörn Wilms
Silvia Zane
Shuang-Nan Zhang

Code of Conduct

As the Local Organising Committee of the conference, we assume that all participants share our commitment to create a meeting environment that values diversity and inclusion and therefore is free from harassment. We want to promote a diverse environment with respectful and courteous behaviour and therefore we expect all participants to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Covid-19 Rules


  • FFP2 face masks must be worn in all operations facilities.
  • Everywhere else (i.e. in the conference & press centres, corridors, outside), FFP2 masks and personal distance keeping are not mandatory but recommended.
  • Participants with flue or Covid-19 symptoms shall not enter ESOC.

In Hesse (as of 01.10.2022)



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