Performance and Calibration

The characterisation of the instrument behaviour in-flight, its calibration, the corresponding data processing methods and caveats applicable to archive data products are described in the different volumes of the ISO Handbook:

The ISO Handbook volumes give a summary on how to use ISO data in general. More detailed information can be found in the technical reports and calibration publications under the CAM Instrument Page, LWS Instrument Page, PHT Instrument Page and SWS Instrument Page.

The Calibration of ISO

Catalogues of calibration source observations & models, used for the absolute flux calibration of the four ISO instruments.

Calibration Legacy Papers

This is a collection of papers presented most of them at the conference "The Calibration Legacy of the ISO Mission", held in Madrid, 5-9 February 2001, where many different aspects of ISO calibration are addressed, including complementary information to that provided in 'The ISO Handbook'. Special emphasis is given to calibration issues that may be relevant to future space missions:


The ISO cross-calibration between the different subinstruments and with external facilities is analysed in a series of status reports issued every 6 months during Post-Operations.