With the ISO Explanatory Library it is our goal to provide users with a comprehensive reference source on the ISO mission and its data products. This is a guide to quickly find and access desired information on the ISO products, how they were derived and which considerations to take into account for further analysis and interpretation of the data.

The main body of the Explanatory Library consists of the ISO Handbook. A paper version of the ISO Handbook is also published as part of the ESA Special Publication Series (ESA SP-1262) in 5 volumes, a first general one with an overview of the ISO Mission & the Satellite and 4 additional volumes, one for each instrument. The Explanatory Library also contains technical reports on various aspects of instrument calibration and data product validation.

CONTENTS of the Explanatory Library

ISO Mission Overview
An overview of the ISO Mission.

Descriptions and Capabilities
Design of the satellite and instruments and their observing modes.

Performance and Calibration
In-flight behaviour of satellite and instruments, their calibration.

Guide to ISO Data Products
Description of the data products, their scientific validation and accuracy.

ISO Satellite   CAM   LWS   PHT   SWS
Instrument pages, containing information on each individual instrument or the ISO Satellite.