The Synposium will take place at ESA ESEC-Redu,1, place de l'ESA

The nearest airports are the Luxembourg and the Brussels airports. From Luxembourg airport you need a rental car, from the Brussels airport, you might decide to continue using public transport (train).

The nearest train station to the ESEC-Redy is in Libramont. From Libramont it is about 20 minutes by taxi to Redu.

In case you would like to check out car sharing possiblities, please contact or to help you arrange some car sharing on the way to Redu and back out.

The Symposium dinner will take place in the Restaurant 'La Barrière de Transinne', Rue de la Barrière 4, 6890 Libin, Belgium. The restaurant is located about 8 minutes by car from the Redu Space Centre.


The 'La Barrière de Transinne' does offer hotel rooms and we advise all participants to book a room in the hotel. Please mention that you come to the ESA Proba-2 Symposium, as we have arranged a price of 57 Euros (one night, single, breakfast included).

To reserve a room, please contact the hotel directly via email or phone: 

+32 (0)61 655037