Invited Speakers list

Jessica Agarwal "Multi-instrument perspectives of outburst events"
Kathrin Altwegg "Isotopic signatures in the coma of 67P and their relation to the origin of cometary material"
Anäis Bardyn "Composition of dust at 67P"
Jean-Pierre Bibring "67P Organices: generic or continent?"
Nicolas Biver "Coma volatile abundance evolution"
Jürgen Blum "Comet Formation Mechanisms"
Dominique Bocklee-Morvan "Cometary Ices"
Michael Broadley "67P and Earth - what is the relation?"
Maria Teresa Capria "Thermal evolution of comets"
Valérie Ciarletti "Characteristics of the nucleus sub-surface"
Hervé Cottin "67P and comets in an astrobiological context"
Björn Davidsson "Formation of 67P"
Marina Galand "Near Nucleus plasma environment"
Tamas Gombosi "Simulations of the CG plasma environment"
Charlotte Götz "Solar wind and IMF interactions with the comet"
Murthy Gudipati "Cometary interior composition and the link to activity"
Bastian Gundlach "Comets in the lab: How laboratory experiments can help to understand comet formation and activity"
Alain Herique "Organics and mineral composition of the interior of 67P"
Stubbe Hviid "The Physical and dynamical evolution of 67P"
Uwe Keller "What's driving activity at 67P"
Raphael Marschall "A multi-instrument modelling perspective of cometary activity"
Sihane Merouane "Optical observations of dust at 67P"
Olivier Moussis "Connections of comets to other icy solar system objects"
Nilda Oklay "Activity reservoirs and repeating and non-repeating activity"
Maurizio Pajola "Insights into the morphology of 67P"
John Paquette "Dusty Isotopes"
Martin Pätzold "A radio science view of the physical and dynamical evolution of 67P"
Martin Rubin "Noble gases and elemental composition at 67P"
Markus Schuhmann "Molecular composition of 67P from an organic point of view"
Holger Sierks "The CAESAR sample return mission to 67P"
Cecilia Tubiana "Just what do we mean by dust - an update from the Rosetta dust group"
Catherine Walsh "Connecting comet to the pre-solar cloud"



There will also be a round table discussion on current considerations on the 67P dust to ice ratio 67P led by Ekkehard Kurht, Kathrin Altwegg, Marco Fulle, Martin Pätzold, Martin Hilchenbach and Mark Hofstadter/Nicolas Biver.