The main objective is to promote dialogue on SW Product Assurance and SW Engineering matters within the space community, and exchange ideas with industry/academia from other domains (such as automotive, railway…).

The objectives of the Workshop are:

  • To review the state-of-the-art and trends of SW product assurance and engineering research, technologies, and techniques.
  • To review the current and future applications for SW product assurance and engineering.
  • To assess the impact of these technologies on future satellite systems at space, ground, and user segment levels.
  • To exchange on new ideas.
  • To promote exchanges between system/software and technology specialists.
  • To provide a forum to foster contacts between industry and academia.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Software and FPGA Product Assurance, Cyber Security.
  • Software development tools, frameworks and methodologies.
  • Agile, scaled agile.
  • Continuous Integration/Quality/Security/Delivery and software factory.
  • Model based software engineering, automatic code generation.
  • Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence.
  • Fault detection, isolation and recovery techniques, on-board autonomy.
  • Quality models, metrication programs, data quality, managing technical debt.
  • Cloud computing and virtualization (Infrastructure-, Software-, Space Data as a Service).
  • Software dependability and safety, ECSS tailoring, mission classification.
  • Software re-use, open-source software, software licencing, configuration management.
  • Software process assessment for Large System Integrators and Very Small Entities.
  • Software assurance in NewSpace, SmallSat and CubeSat projects.
  • Software assurance in (mega)constellations.
  • Product assurance in science missions (e.g., mission planning, data processing and data archiving).
  • International collaboration across continents.