A two-day workshop to define our common goal and concrete next steps


Dates: 10 & 11 October 2019

Location: LuxExpo, Luxembourg



ESA is hosting a workshop, in cooperation with the Luxembourg Space Agency, to identify the next steps needed to realise the first space resource utilisation, in support of sustained and sustainable human presence at the Moon. The event takes place as part of the Luxembourg Space Resources week.

ESA and other space agencies are working towards a sustained presence of humans in space. The Moon will be the place where we develop the capabilities we need to go further.  Key to sustainability is the ability to use local resources to supply future explorers with energy, shelter, food, water, air, fuel and materials. 

Following the Towards the use of lunar resources workshop in 2018 (see website) ESA has been working with various actors to set a path to in situ resource utilisation and has prepared a Strategy for Space Resources. Please download here the ESA space resources strategy.



workshop objectives

We must now identify steps to be taken in the next few years, the milestones we must reach and the challenges to be overcome.  
This meeting aims to bring together experts and stakeholders from space and terrestrial sectors to:

•    Build a European community identity
•    Engage new actors from space and non-space sectors
•    Establish a shared vision and a common challenge
•    Raise awareness of ESA technology activities and missions
•    Identify partnership opportunities with ESA
•    Define the next technology development activities for the next 3 to 5 years
•    Contribute to preparations for future missions


Enquiries related to this workshop can be directed to: yael.asher@esa.int