Please download here the full programme.



Contributions to the workshop are sought in areas including:

  • Future exploration scenarios as customers of lunar resources
  • Architecture trade-offs and evaluations
  • Extraction and beneficiation needs and approaches
  • Production of consumables and propellants
  • Materials production, manufacturing and construction
  • Operational approaches and constraints
  • Environmental challenges
  • Lessons from and crossovers with terrestrial resources
  • Economic potentials on various time scales
  • The role of commercial space and approaches to establishing sustainable business models

Deadline to register for presenters: 31 July 2019.


Guidelines for presenters

  • Please provide us with 2-3 slides max in Power Point format
  • The deadline for submitting the slides is Tuesday 1 October
  • Please send your slides to
  • Title, company and Author should be mentioned on the 1st slide
  • Images are allowed, no videos please
  • There will be no time for Q&A following your presentation
  • Timer will be available, once received a signal you should end your presentation and allow the next speaker to come on stage

Guidelines for poster presenters

  • Presenters at the poster sessions shall bring their own printed posters. It is not possible to print a poster on site
  • Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference
  • The poster size recommended is an A0 (33.1 W x 46.8H inches or 84.1W x 118.9H cm)
  • Posters will need to be hung by the presenters themselves. Materials will be available to fix the posters to the boards
  • Presenters shall be available at the poster session near their poster during the networking breaks in order to answer questions from participants
  • Posters should be removed upon conclusion of the conference on Friday, 10 October. Posters left behind will be discarded 

Programme committee members:

  • Advenit Makaya - ESA
  • Angeliki Kapoglou - ESA
  • Aidan Cowley - ESA
  • Alexandre Meurisse - ESA
  • Bethany Lomax - University of Glasgow
  • Candace Johnson - Space Entrepreneur
  • David Binns - ESA
  • Fabrice Testa - Space Entrepreneur
  • James Carpenter - ESA
  • Katheryn Hadler - Imperial College London
  • Leopold Summerer - ESA
  • Massimo Sabbatini - ESA
  • Matthias Sperl - DLR
  • Michelle Lavagna - Polimi
  • Philipp Reis - TUM
  • Richard Fisackerly - ESA
  • Robert Lindner - ESA
  • Roland Trauntner - ESA
  • Thorsten Denk - Plataforma Solar de Almería