There are two different lists of papers relevant to Suzaku.

  • The first one, kept up-to-date by JAXA lists all the astrophysical papers. This (official) list can be found here. The list has an (unofficial) public library in ADS Bumblebee, which is available here. Note that it might differ from the official list has different update intervals.
  • The second one is a list of papers with (co-authors) from ESA member states. This list is available as a public library in ADS Bumblebee here and as table below.
Title Authors Bibcode
A new possible accretion scenario for ultra-luminous X-ray sources Kobayashi, Nakazawa, and Makishima 2019MNRAS.489..366K
Variation of mass accretion rate on to the white dwarf in the dwarf nova VW Hyi in quiescence Nakaniwa, Hayashi, Takeo, and Ishida 2019MNRAS.488.5104N
The nature of the soft excess and spectral variability in the Seyfert 1 galaxy Zw 229.015 Tripathi et al. 2019MNRAS.488.4831T
X-Ray Signatures of Axion Conversion in Magnetic White Dwarf Stars Dessert, Long, and Safdi 2019PhRvL.123f1104D
Spectral properties of gamma-ray bursts observed by the Suzaku wide-band all-sky monitor Ohmori et al. 2019PASJ...71...76O
Long-term soft and hard X-ray investigation of the colliding wind WN+O binary WR 25 Arora, Pandey, and De Becker 2019MNRAS.487.2624A
Developing the Physical Understanding of Intermediate Polars: An X-Ray Study of TV Col and V2731 Oph Lopes de Oliveira and Mukai 2019ApJ...880..128L
The Modulating Optical Depth of the Photoelectric Absorption Edge with a Pulse Phase in Accretion-powered X-Ray Pulsars Yoshida and Kitamoto 2019ApJ...880..101Y
Suzaku observation of Jupiter's X-rays around solar maximum Numazawa et al. 2019PASJ..tmp...92N
Investigating the origin of the Fe emission lines of the Seyfert 1 galaxy Mrk 205 Laha, Ghosh, Tripathi, and Guainazzi 2019MNRAS.486.3124L
Testing the Kerr Metric with X-Ray Reflection Spectroscopy of Mrk 335 Suzaku Data Choudhury et al. 2019ApJ...879...80C
X-Ray Observations of an Intermediate Polar V2400 Oph Joshi, Pandey, and Singh 2019AJ....158...11J
H.E.S.S. and Suzaku observations of the Vela X pulsar wind nebula H. E. S. S. Collaboration et al. 2019A&A...627A.100H
Variations on a theme: the puzzling behaviour of Schulte 12 Nazé et al. 2019A&A...627A..99N
Ionization state of the accretion disc in the neutron star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1728-34 Lyu, Méndez, Zhang and Xiang 2019MNRAS. 484.3434L
Evidence for a Merger-induced Shock Wave in ZwCl 0008.8+5215 with Chandra and Suzaku Di Gennaro, et al. 2019ApJ...873...64D
Kinetic Energy Transfer from X-Ray Ultrafast Outflows to Millimeter/Submillimeter Cold Molecular Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies Mizumoto, Izumi and Kohno 2019ApJ...871..156M
Explaining the asymmetric line profile in Cepheus X-4 with spectral variation across pulse phase Bhargava, et al. 2019MNRAS.482.2902B
Implications of the Warm Corona and Relativistic Reflection Models for the Soft Excess in Mrk 509 García, et al. 2019ApJ...871...88G
2018 Top 2017 Bottom
Enrichment of the Hot Intracluster Medium: Observations Mernier, et al. 2018SSRv..214..129M
High entropy and evidence for a merger in the low surface brightness cluster Abell 2399 Mitsuishi, et al. 2018PASJ...70..112M
Multiple cyclotron line-forming regions in GX 301-2 Fürst, et al. 2018A&A...620A.153F
The ultrafast outflow of WKK 4438: Suzaku and NuSTAR X-ray spectral analysis Jiang, Walton, Parker and Fabian 2018MNRAS.481..639J
X-Ray Spectral Properties of Seyfert I Galaxy LEDA 168563 Liebmann, et al. 2018ApJ...868...11L
Discovery of large scale shock fronts correlated with the radio halo and radio relic in the A2163 galaxy cluster Thölken, Reiprich, Sommer and Ota 2018A&A...619A..68T
Chandrasekhar and Sub-Chandrasekhar Models for the X-Ray Emission of Type Ia Supernova Remnants. I. Bulk Properties Martínez-Rodríguez, et al. 2018ApJ...865..151M
X-ray study of the double radio relic Abell 3376 with Suzaku Urdampilleta, et al. 2018A&A...618A..74U
A new powerful and highly variable disc wind in an AGN-star-forming galaxy, the case of MCG-03-58-007 Braito, et al. 2018MNRAS.479.3592B
Multi-epoch analysis of the X-ray spectrum of the active galactic nucleus in NGC 5506 Sun, et al. 2018MNRAS.478.1900S
X-ray, UV, and optical observations of the accretion disk and boundary layer in the symbiotic star RT Crucis Luna, et al. 2018A&A...616A..53L
Observation of variable pre-eclipse dips and disc windsin the eclipsing LMXB XTE J1710-281 Raman, Maitra and Paul 2018MNRAS.477.5358R
Suzaku observations of the Monogem Ring and the origin of the Gemini H α ring Knies, Sasaki and Plucinsky 2018MNRAS.477.4414K
Suzaku observations of low surface brightness cluster Abell 1631 Babazaki, et al. 2018PASJ...70...46B
The absence of a thin disc in M81* Young, McHardy, Emmanoulopoulos and Connolly 2018MNRAS.476.5698Y
Hour time-scale QPOs in the X-ray and radio emission of LS I +61°303 Nösel, et al. 2018MNRAS.476.2516N
Alternative Explanations for Extreme Supersolar Iron Abundances Inferred from the Energy Spectrum of Cygnus X-1 Tomsick, et al. 2018ApJ...855....3T
Using principal component analysis to understand the variability of PDS 456 Parker, et al. 2018MNRAS.474..108P
Disentangling the complex broad-band X-ray spectrum of IRAS 13197-1627 with NuSTAR, XMM-Newton and Suzaku Walton, et al. 2018MNRAS.473.4377W
The very faint hard state of the persistent neutron star X-ray binary SLX 1737-282 near the Galactic Centre Armas Padilla, et al. 2018MNRAS.473.3789A
2017 Top 2018 2016 Bottom
Analysis of NuSTAR and Suzaku observations of Cyg X-1 in the hard state: evidence for a truncated disc geometry Basak, Zdziarski, Parker and Islam 2017MNRAS.472.4220B
X-ray lags in PDS 456 revealed by Suzaku observations Chiang, et al. 2017MNRAS.472.1473C
Evidence for different accretion regimes in GRO J1008-57 Kühnel, et al. 2017A&A...607A..88K
Swift J164449.3+573451 and Swift J2058.4+0516: Black hole mass estimates for tidal disruption event sources Seifina, Titarchuk and Virgilli 2017A&A...607A..38S
Deep LOFAR observations of the merging galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 Hoang, et al. 2017MNRAS.471.1107H
A uniform metallicity in the outskirts of massive, nearby galaxy clusters Urban, et al. 2017MNRAS.470.4583U
Study of orbital and superorbital variability of LSI +61° 303 with X-ray data Chernyakova, et al. 2017MNRAS.470.1718C
Understanding the nature of the intriguing source X Persei: a deep look with a Suzaku observation Maitra, Raichur, Pradhan and Paul 2017MNRAS.470..713M
Witnessing the growth of the nearest galaxy cluster: thermodynamics of the Virgo Cluster outskirts Simionescu, et al. 2017MNRAS.469.1476S
The high-Eddington NLS1 Ark 564 has the coolest corona Kara, et al. 2017MNRAS.468.3489K
Observational Evidence for High Neutronization in Supernova Remnants: Implications for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors Martínez- Rodríguez, et al. 2017ApJ...843...35M
A Suzaku, NuSTAR, and XMM-Newton view on variable absorption and relativistic reflection in NGC 4151 Beuchert, et al. 2017A&A...603A..50B
Search for the warm-hot intergalactic medium around A 2744 using Suzaku Hattori, et al. 2017PASJ...69...39H
BL Lacertae: X-ray spectral evolution and a black-hole mass estimate Titarchuk and Seifina 2017A&A...602A.113T
Discovery of a 26.2 day period in the long-term X-ray light curve of SXP 1323: a very short orbital period for a long spin period pulsar Carpano, Haberl and Sturm 2017A&A...602A..81C
Suzaku spectroscopy of the neutron star transient 4U 1608-52 during its outburst decay. Armas Padilla, et al. 2017MNRAS.467..290A
The Broadband Spectral Variability of Holmberg IX X-1 Walton, et al. 2017ApJ...839..105W
A high spectral resolution map of the nuclear emitting regions of NGC 7582 Braito, et al. 2017A&A...600A.135B
Suzaku observations of the merging galaxy cluster Abell 2255: The northeast radio relic Akamatsu et al. 2017A&A...600A.100A
IACHEC Cross-calibration of Chandra, NuSTAR, Swift, Suzaku, XMM-Newton with 3C 273 and PKS 2155-304 Madsen et al. 2017AJ....153....2M
SNR 1E 0102.2-7219 as an X-ray calibration standard in the 0.5-1.0 keV bandpass and its application to the CCD instruments aboard Chandra, Suzaku, Swift and XMM-Newton Plucinsky et al. 2017A&A...597A..35P
2016 Top 2017 2015 Bottom
IC 3639—a New Bona Fide Compton-Thick AGN Unveiled by NuSTAR Boorman et al. 2016ApJ...833..245B
Witnessing the growth of the nearest galaxy cluster: thermodynamics of the Virgo Cluster outskirts Simionescu et al. 2017MNRAS.469.1476S
Suzaku spectroscopy of the neutron star transient 4U 1608-52 during its outburst decay. Armas Padilla et al. 2017MNRAS.467..290A
A uniform metallicity in the outskirts of massive, nearby galaxy clusters Urban et al. 2017MNRAS.470.4583U
Observational Evidence for High Neutronization in Supernova Remnants: Implications for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors Martínez-Rodríguez et al. 2017ApJ...843...35M
Deep LOFAR observations of the merging galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 Hoang et al. 2017MNRAS.471.1107H
A Suzaku, NuSTAR, and XMM-Newton view on variable absorption and relativistic reflection in NGC 4151 Beuchert et al. 2017A&A...603A..50B
BL Lacertae: X-ray spectral evolution and a black-hole mass estimate Titarchuk et al. 2017A&A...602A.113T
X-ray flaring in PDS 456 observed in a high-flux state Matzeu et al. 2017MNRAS.465.2804M
A Systematic Study of the Thermal and Nonthermal Emission in the Supernova Remnant RCW 86 with Suzaku Tsubone et al. 2017ApJ...835...34T
The Origin of the Iron-rich Knot in Tycho’s Supernova Remnant Yamaguchi et al. 2017ApJ...834..124Y
X-ray lags in PDS 456 revealed by Suzaku observations Chiang et al. 2017MNRAS.472.1473C
Study of orbital and superorbital variability of LSI +61° 303 with X-ray data Chernyakova et al. 2017MNRAS.470.1718C
Understanding the nature of the intriguing source X Persei: a deep look with a Suzaku observation Maitra et al. 2017MNRAS.470..713M
The high-Eddington NLS1 Ark 564 has the coolest corona Kara et al. 2017MNRAS.468.3489K
Search for the warm-hot intergalactic medium around A 2744 using Suzaku Hattori et al. 2017PASJ...69...39H
Discovery of a 26.2 day period in the long-term X-ray light curve of SXP 1323: a very short orbital period for a long spin period pulsar Carpano et al. 2017A&A...602A..81C
A high spectral resolution map of the nuclear emitting regions of NGC 7582 Braito et al. 2017A&A...600A.135B
A shock front at the radio relic of Abell 2744 Eckert et al. 2016MNRAS.460.1954G
Accretion disc-corona and jet emission from the radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy RX J1633.3+4719 Mallick et al. 2016ApJ...826..124M
Search for astrophysical rotating Ellis wormholes with x-ray reflection spectroscopy Zhou et al. 2016JCAP...07..049N
RT Crucis: a look into the X-ray emission of a peculiar symbiotic star Ducci et al. 2016A&A...592A..37T
Suzaku confirms NGC 3660 is an unabsorbed Seyfert 2 Rivers et al. 2016PASJ...68S..21N
Relativistic Fe Kα line study in Seyfert 1 galaxies observed with Suzaku Mantovani et al. 2016MNRAS.458.2745H
A comprehensive analysis of the hard X-ray spectra of bright Seyfert galaxies Lubiński et al. 2016MNRAS.458.1311M
X-Ray Spectra of the High-mass X-Ray Binary 4U 1700-37 Using BeppoSAX, Suzaku, and RXTE Observations Seifina et al. 2016A&A...589A...9C
Suzaku confirms NGC 3660 is an unabsorbed Seyfert 2 Rivers et al. 2016PASJ..tmp....3N
Discovery of X-Ray Emission from the Galactic Supernova Remnant G32.8-0.1 with Suzaku Bamba et al. 2016ApJ...817...23H
2015 Top 2016 2014 Bottom
A Chandra Study of Temperature Distributions of the Intracluster Medium in 50 Galaxy Clusters Zhu et al. 2015PASJ...67..123Y
Suzaku monitoring of the Wolf-Rayet binary WR 140 around periastron passage: An approach for quantifying the wind parameters Sugawara et al. 2015PASJ...67..113I
Is 4U 0114+65 an eclipsing HMXB? Pradhan et al. 2015MNRAS.454.3366Z
The Transient Accreting X-Ray Pulsar XTE J1946+274: Stability of X-Ray Properties at Low Flux and Updated Orbital Solution Marcu-Cheatham et al. 2015A&A...584A..82B
Fossil group origins - VI. Global X-ray scaling relations of fossil galaxy clusters Kundert et al. 2015ApJ...814...29K
The Corona of the Broad-line Radio Galaxy 3C 390.3 Lohfink et al. 2015ApJ...812...14M
Suzaku X-ray study of the double radio relic galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 Akamatsu et al. 2015MNRAS.452.3266U
X-ray measurement of electron and magnetic-field energy densities in the west lobe of the giant radio galaxy 3C 236 Isobe et al. 2015MNRAS.451.4169G
A Suzaku search for dark matter emission lines in the X-ray brightest galaxy clusters Urban et al. 2015ApJ...808L..37G
High-energy emission processes in M87 de Jong et al. 2015ApJ...808...85T
Phase-resolved NuSTAR and Swift-XRT Observations of Magnetar 4U 0142+61 Tendulkar et al. 2015ApJ...807...61Z
The γ-Ray Detected Narrow-line Seyfert 1 Galaxy 1H 0323+342: Swift Monitoring and Suzaku Spectroscopy Yao et al. 2015ApJ...806..149K
NuSTAR, XMM-Newton, and Suzaku Observations of the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source Holmberg II X-1 Walton et al. 2015ApJ...805..104S
An X-ray variable absorber within the broad line region in Fairall 51 Svoboda et al. 2015A&A...577A..63I
SuperModel Analysis of A1246 and J255: On the Evolution of Galaxy Clusters from High to Low Entropy States Fusco-Femiano et al. 2015MNRAS.449.2794D
A Compton-thick AGN in the barred spiral galaxy NGC 4785 Gandhi et al. 2015MNRAS.449.1845G
Revealing a hard X-ray spectral component that reverberates within one light hour of the central supermassive black hole in Ark 564 Giustini et al. 2015A&A...577A...8G
The growth of the galaxy cluster Abell 85: mergers, shocks, stripping and seeding of clumping Ichinohe et al. 2015MNRAS.448.2971I
Suzaku Observation of the Fermi Cygnus Cocoon: The Search for a Signature of Young Cosmic-Ray Electrons Mizuno et al. 2015ApJ...803...74M
Exploring the potential X-ray counterpart of the puzzling TeV gamma-ray source HESS J1507-622 with new Suzaku observations Eger, Domainko, and Hahn 2015MNRAS.447.3564E
A Chandrasekhar Mass Progenitor for the Type Ia Supernova Remnant 3C 397 from the Enhanced Abundances of Nickel and Manganese Yamaguchi et al. 2015ApJ...801L..31Y
New multiwavelength observations of the Of?p star CPD -28° 2561 Hubrig et al. 2015MNRAS.447.1885H
The Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 2110: hard X-ray emission observed by NuSTAR and variability of the iron Kα line Marinucci et al. 2015MNRAS.447..160M
A Suzaku view of IGR J16393-4643 Islam, Maitra, Pradhan, and Paul 2015MNRAS.446.4148I
Redshifted Fe Kα line from the unusual γ-ray source PMN J1603-4904 Müller et al. 2015A&A...574A.117M
The origin of ultrafast outflows in AGN: Monte Carlo simulations of the wind in PDS 456 Hagino et al. 2015MNRAS.446..663H
Suzaku observations of Mrk 335: confronting partial covering and relativistic reflection Gallo et al. 2015MNRAS.446..633G
High-energy Properties of the Enigmatic Be Star γ Cassiopeiae Shrader et al. 2015ApJ...799...84S
Suzaku Observations of γ-Ray Bright Radio Galaxies: Origin of the X-Ray Emission and Broadband Modeling Fukazawa et al. 2015ApJ...798...74F
2014 Top 2015 2013 Bottom
Millihertz quasi-periodic oscillations and broad iron line from LMC X-1 Alam et al. 2014MNRAS.445.4259A
X-ray observations of VY Scl-type nova-like binaries in the high and low state Zemko, Orio, Mukai, and Shugarov 2014MNRAS.445..869Z
Suzaku Observation of IRAS 00521-7054, a Peculiar Type-II AGN with a Very Broad Feature at 6 keV Ricci et al. 2014ApJ...795..147R
Suzaku Monitoring of Hard X-Ray Emission from η Carinae over a Single Binary Orbital Cycle Hamaguchi et al. 2014ApJ...795..119H
Ultrafast outflows in radio-loud active galactic nuclei Tombesi et al. 2014MNRAS.443.2154T
The Variable Hard X-Ray Emission of NGC 4945 as Observed by NuSTAR Puccetti et al. 2014ApJ...793...26P
Broadband X-Ray Spectra of the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source Holmberg IX X-1 Observed with NuSTAR, XMM-Newton, and Suzaku Walton et al. 2014ApJ...793...21W
The X-Ray Spectrum of the Cooling-flow Quasar H1821+643: A Massive Black Hole Feeding Off the Intracluster Medium Reynolds et al. 2014ApJ...792L..41R
Confirmation of a High Magnetic Field in GRO J1008-57 Bellm et al. 2014ApJ...792..108B
A Clumpy Stellar Wind and Luminosity-dependent Cyclotron Line Revealed by the First Suzaku Observation of the High-mass X-Ray Binary 4U 1538-522 Hemphill et al. 2014ApJ...792...14H
Confirmation of a galaxy cluster hidden behind the Galactic bulge using the VVV survey Coldwell et al. 2014A&A...569A..49C
Search for X-ray occultations in active galactic nuclei Torricelli-Ciamponi, Pietrini, Risaliti, and Salvati 2014MNRAS.442.2116T
A Delayed Transition to the Hard State for 4U 1630-47 at the End of its 2010 Outburst Tomsick et al. 2014ApJ...791...70T
Relativistic iron Kα line detection in the Suzaku spectra of IC 4329A Mantovani, Nandra, and Ponti 2014MNRAS.442L..95M
Iron Kα emission in type-I and type-II active galactic nuclei Ricci et al. 2014MNRAS.441.3622R
SUZAKU Observation of the Black Hole Binary 4U 1630-47 in the Very High State Hori et al. 2014ApJ...790...20H
Spectral and Timing Properties of the Black Hole X-Ray Binary H1743-322 in the Low/Hard State Studied with Suzaku Shidatsu et al. 2014ApJ...789..100S
Observations of MCG-5-23-16 with Suzaku, XMM-Newton and NuSTAR: Disk Tomography and Compton Hump Reverberation Zoghbi et al. 2014ApJ...789...56Z
Multiple density discontinuities in the merging galaxy cluster CIZA J2242.8+5301 Ogrean et al. 2014MNRAS.440.3416O
The 2011 Outburst of Recurrent Nova T Pyx: X-ray Observations Expose the White Dwarf Mass and Ejection Dynamics Chomiuk et al. 2014ApJ...788..130C
The Broad-band X-Ray Spectrum of IC 4329A from a Joint NuSTAR/Suzaku Observation Brenneman et al. 2014ApJ...788...61B
Extreme Blazars Studied with Fermi-LAT and Suzaku: 1ES 0347-121 and Blazar Candidate HESS J1943+213 Tanaka et al. 2014ApJ...787..155T
Iron-line and continuum variations in the XMM-Newton and Suzaku spectra of the neutron-star low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53 Lyu et al. 2014MNRAS.440.1165L
The iron K line profile of IRAS 18325-5926 Lobban and Vaughan 2014MNRAS.439.1575L
The return to the hard state of GX 339-4 as seen by Suzaku Petrucci et al. 2014A&A...564A..37P
Revealing the Location and Structure of the Accretion Disk Wind in PDS 456 Gofford et al. 2014ApJ...784...77G
Exploring Hot Gas at Junctions of Galaxy Filaments with Suzaku Mitsuishi et al. 2014ApJ...783..137M
Azimuthally resolved X-ray spectroscopy to the edge of the Perseus Cluster Urban et al. 2014MNRAS.437.3939U
Disk emission and atmospheric absorption lines in black hole candidate 4U 1630-472 Różańska et al. 2014A&A...562A..81R
The variable ionized absorber in the Seyfert 2 Mrk 348 Marchese et al. 2014MNRAS.437.2806M
The Reflection Component from Cygnus X-1 in the Soft State Measured by NuSTAR and Suzaku Tomsick et al. 2014ApJ...780...78T
Variability of the High-velocity Outflow in the Quasar PDS 456 Reeves et al. 2014ApJ...780...45R
2013 Top 2014 2012 Bottom
On the nature of the hard X-ray sources SWIFT J1907.3-2050, IGR J12123-5802 and IGR J19552+0044 Bernardini et al. 2013MNRAS.435.2822B
Hard X-Ray Lags in Active Galactic Nuclei: Testing the Distant Reverberation Hypothesis with NGC 6814 Walton et al. 2013ApJ...777L..23W
An outburst scenario for the X-ray spectral variability in 3C 111 Tombesi et al. 2013MNRAS.434.2707T
X-Ray Outflows and Super-Eddington Accretion in the Ultraluminous X-Ray Source Holmberg IX X-1 Walton et al. 2013ApJ...773L...9W
Reflection-dominated Nuclear X-Ray Emission in the Early-type Galaxy ESO 565-G019 Gandhi et al. 2013ApJ...773...51G
GRO J1008-57: an (almost) predictable transient X-ray binary Kühnel et al. 2013A&A...555A..95K
X-ray view of four high-luminosity Swift/BAT AGN: Unveiling obscuration and reflection with Suzaku Fioretti et al. 2013A&A...555A..44F
X-ray exploration of the outskirts of the nearby Centaurus cluster using Suzaku and Chandra Walker et al. 2013MNRAS.432..554W
The X-ray properties of optically selected clusters of galaxies Hicks et al. 2013MNRAS.431.2542H
X-Ray Eclipse Diagnosis of the Evolving Mass Loss in the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii 2010 Takei et al. 2013ApJ...769L...4T
Luminosity-dependent unification of active galactic nuclei and the X-ray Baldwin effect Ricci et al. 2013A&A...553A..29R
Confirmation of the nature of the absorber in IRAS 09104+4109 Chiang, Cackett, Gandhi, and Fabian 2013MNRAS.430.2943C
Highly Ionized Fe-K Absorption Line from Cygnus X-1 in the High/Soft State Observed with Suzaku Yamada et al. 2013ApJ...767L..35Y
Cross-calibration of Suzaku/XIS and XMM-Newton/EPIC using galaxy clusters Kettula, Nevalainen, and Miller 2013A&A...552A..47K
The Suzaku view of highly ionized outflows in AGN - I. Statistical detection and global absorber properties Gofford et al. 2013MNRAS.430...60G
A Suzaku X-ray observation of one orbit of the supergiant fast X-ray transient IGR J16479-4514 Sidoli et al. 2013MNRAS.429.2763S
An examination of the spectral variability in NGC 1365 with Suzaku Brenneman, Risaliti, Elvis, and Nardini 2013MNRAS.429.2662B
Giant Lobes of Centaurus A Radio Galaxy Observed with the Suzaku X-Ray Satellite Stawarz et al. 2013ApJ...766...48S
Suzaku observations of `bare' active galactic nuclei Walton et al. 2013MNRAS.428.2901W
A Double-peaked Outburst of A 0535+26 Observed with INTEGRAL, RXTE, and Suzaku Caballero et al. 2013ApJ...764L..23C
Decoupling absorption and continuum variability in the Seyfert 2 NGC 4507 Braito et al. 2013MNRAS.428.2516B
Suzaku reveals X-ray continuum piercing the nuclear absorber in Markarian 231 Piconcelli et al. 2013MNRAS.428.1185P
2012 Top 2013 2011 Bottom
A broad iron line in LMC X-1 Steiner et al. 2012MNRAS.427.2552S
A Suzaku survey of Fe K lines in Seyfert 1 active galactic nuclei Patrick et al. 2012MNRAS.426.2522P
A Suzaku Observation of Mkn 590 Reveals a Vanishing Soft Excess Rivers, Markowitz, Duro, and Rothschild 2012ApJ...759...63R
The X-ray variability history of Markarian 3 Guainazzi et al. 2012A&A...547A..31G
Staring at 4U 1909+07 with Suzaku Fürst et al. 2012A&A...547A...2F
The Black Hole Spin and Soft X-Ray Excess of the Luminous Seyfert Galaxy Fairall 9 Lohfink et al. 2012ApJ...758...67L
Large-scale Motions in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster Simionescu et al. 2012ApJ...757..182S
The magnetar candidate AX J1818.8-1559 Mereghetti et al. 2012A&A...546A..30M
Analysing the Suzaku spectra of the broad-line Seyfert 1 galaxy CBS 126 Chiang et al. 2012MNRAS.425.1299C
On the Role of the Accretion Disk in Black Hole Disk-Jet Connections Miller et al. 2012ApJ...757...11M
On the Weak-wind Problem in Massive Stars: X-Ray Spectra Reveal a Massive Hot Wind in μ Columbae Huenemoerder et al. 2012ApJ...756L..34H
Suzaku Observations of the Non-thermal Supernova Remnant HESS J1731-347 Bamba et al. 2012ApJ...756..149B
The nature of the multi-wavelength emission of 3C 111 de Jong, Beckmann, and Mattana 2012A&A...545A..90D
Further X-ray observations of the galaxy cluster PKS 0745-191 to the virial radius and beyond Walker, Fabian, Sanders, and George 2012MNRAS.424.1826W
On the determination of the spin of the black hole in Cyg X-1 from X-ray reflection spectra Fabian et al. 2012MNRAS.424..217F
A New Low Magnetic Field Magnetar: The 2011 Outburst of Swift J1822.3-1606 Rea et al. 2012ApJ...754...27R
The Truncated Disk from Suzaku Data of GX 339-4 in the Extreme Very High State Tamura et al. 2012ApJ...753...65T
VLT and Suzaku observations of the Fermi pulsar PSR J1028-5819 Mignani et al. 2012A&A...543A.130M
A double component in GRB 090618: a proto-black hole and a genuinely long gamma-ray burst Izzo et al. 2012A&A...543A..10I
Properties of the Intracluster Medium of Abell 3667 Observed with Suzaku XIS Akamatsu et al. 2012PASJ...64...49A
The X-ray reflector in NGC 4945: a time- and space-resolved portrait Marinucci et al. 2012MNRAS.423L...6M
X-ray observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 2029 to the virial radius Walker et al. 2012MNRAS.422.3503W
Suzaku Observation of the Black Hole Candidate Maxi J1836-194 in a Hard/Intermediate Spectral State Reis et al. 2012ApJ...751...34R
NGC 454: unveiling a new 'changing look' active galactic nucleus Marchese et al. 2012MNRAS.421.1803M
Suzaku X-Ray Imaging of the Extended Lobe in the Giant Radio Galaxy NGC 6251 Associated with the Fermi-LAT Source 2FGL J1629.4+8236 Takeuchi et al. 2012ApJ...749...66T
The Suzaku X-ray spectrum of NGC 3147. Further insights on the best "true" Seyfert 2 galaxy candidate Matt et al. 2012A&A...540A.111M
Modelling the flaring activity of the high-z, hard X-ray-selected blazar IGR J22517+2217 Lanzuisi et al. 2012MNRAS.421..390L
Broadband Spectroscopy Using Two Suzaku Observations of the HMXB GX 301-2 Suchy et al. 2012ApJ...745..124S
Evidence for a proto-black hole and a double astrophysical component in GRB 101023 Penacchioni et al. 2012A&A...538A..58P
Suzaku X-ray spectral study of the Compton-thick Seyfert galaxy NGC 5135 Singh, Risaliti, Braito, and Shastri 2012MNRAS.419.2089S
X-Ray Spectral Variability in NGC 3783 Reis et al. 2012ApJ...745...93R
Suzaku Observations of 4U 1957+11: Potentially the Most Rapidly Spinning Black Hole in (the Halo of) the Galaxy Nowak et al. 2012ApJ...744..107N
2011 Top 2012 2010 Bottom
The high-energy view of the broad-line radio galaxy 3C 111 Ballo et al. 2011MNRAS.418.2367B
Weakly broadened iron line in the X-ray spectrum of the ultraluminous X-ray source M82 X-1 Caballero-García 2011MNRAS.418.1973C
Extended Hard X-Ray Emission from the Vela Pulsar Wind Nebula Mattana et al. 2011ApJ...743L..18M
No X-Ray Excess from the HESS J1741-302 Region, except for a New Intermediate Polar Candidate Uchiyama et al. 2011PASJ...63S.865U
Suzaku Observation of the Unidentified Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Source HESS J1702-420 Fujinaga et al. 2011PASJ...63S.857F
Suzaku Detection of Diffuse Hard X-Ray Emission outside Vela X Katsuda et al. 2011PASJ...63S.827K
Spectral and Timing Studies of Cyg X-1 in the Low/Hard State with Suzaku Torii et al. 2011PASJ...63S.771T
X-Ray Study of Rekindled Accretion in the Classical Nova V2491 Cygni Takei et al. 2011PASJ...63S.729T
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2010 Top 2011 2009 Bottom
The longest observation of a low-intensity state from a supergiant fast X-ray transient: Suzaku observes IGRJ08408-4503 Sidoli, Esposito, and Ducci 2010MNRAS.409..611S
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Observations of the Prompt Gamma-Ray Emission of GRB 070125 Bellm et al. 2008ApJ...688..491B
Suzaku Observation of the Ophiuchus Galaxy Cluster: One of the Hottest Cool Core Clusters Fujita et al. 2008PASJ...60.1133F
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Phase-dependent X-ray observations of the β Lyrae system. No eclipse in the soft band Ignace et al. 2008A&A...477L..37I
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SGR 1806-20 about two years after the giant flare: Suzaku, XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL observations Esposito et al. 2007A&A...476..321E
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Evidence for Solar-Wind Charge-Exchange X-Ray Emission from the Earth's Magnetosheath Fujimoto et al. 2007PASJ...59S.133F