Presenter Title
1 Argiroffi Costanza Measure of the accretion stream velocity of TW Hya from X-ray Doppler shift
2 Cabrit Sylvie Water emission lines in protostars: a possible signature of MHD disk winds?
3 Caratti o Garatti Alessio Investigating accretion and ejection processes in high-mass YSOs: from AU to parsec scales
4 Ciardi Andrea Outflows from collapsing pre-stellar cores
5 Coffey Deirdre Angular Momentum Transfer From Disk to Jet: A Multi-Wavelength Study of RY Tau
6 Costigan Grainne Accretion rates of embedded YSOs in CrA
7 Fendt Christian How to make astrophysical jets?
8 Galvan-Madrid Roberto Testing the Jet-Accretion Connection in Young Stellar Objects in the Time Domain
9 Gregory Scott (for C. Davies) Revolution evolution: accretion disc-regulated spin down of low mass pre-main sequence stars
10 Gregory Scott (for E. Stuart-Morrison) The evolution of baby Sun-like stars: does a forming star with a disc spin-up when it develops a radiative core?
11 Grinin Vladimir The accretion-outflow phenomena at the late phases of the PMS evolution. The case of the post-T Tauri and post UX Ori star RZ Psc.
12 Kaper Lex Characterizing massive pre-main-sequence stars with VLT/X-shooter
13 Kuiper Rolf Emmy Noether Research Group on Accretion and Feedback in Massive Star Formation
14 Liu Hauyu Baobab Jet-Accretion Connection from the Radio Aspect
15 Makin Sally Star formation in Cygnus X: A systematic search for young stellar outflows
16 Manara Carlo Felice Accretion and winds in transitional disks
17 McGinnis Pauline A study of classical T Tauri stars in NGC 2264 with extinction dominated light curves
18 Momferratos Georgios TBD
19 Navarete Felipe Mid-J CO Outflows in Massive star forming regions in the Inner Galaxy
20 Nisini Brunella Connection between jets, winds, and accretion in T Tauri stars
21 Ramirez Tannus Maria Claudia VLT/X-shooter spectroscopy of massive pre-main-sequence stars in M17
22 Kölligan Anders From Accretion to Outflows of Massive Protostars
23 Schneider Christian Hot jets from cool stars
24 Stelzer Beate Accretion and disks in the TW Hya association
25 Tabone Benoit MHD disk winds with ALMA : the HH212 test case
26 Takami Hiro
27 Tambovtseva Larisa Multi-component line emission in young stars. Spectroscopy and interferometry
28 Vincenzi Maria Accretion and outflows in full and transitional disks: helium lines analysis