The main scientific objectives of the mission will be achieved via a number of studies:

  • Origin and evolution of a planet close to its parent star.
  • Mercury's figure, interior structure, and composition.
  • Characteristics and origin of its internal magnetic field.
  • Exo- and endogenic surface modifications: cratering, tectonics, polar deposits and volcanism.
  • Structure, composition, origin and dynamics of Mercury's exosphere.
  • Structure and dynamics of Mercury's magnetosphere.
  • Test of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. 

In order to expand the scope of these studies, while fine-tuning their operational details, a number of disciplinary working groups have been established. These working groups meet, on average, once a year and include scientists from both the BepiColombo community and beyond.

SCWG            HEWG            DHAWG            GGWG            GBOWG            CWG