The following table provides details on finished BepiColombo PhD theses. The theses might be related to the preparation of the BepiColombo mission, or they may be based on (or making use of) BepiColombo data. 







Bentley, M. S.


Space weathering on Mercury: Laboratory studies and modelling


Sarantos, M.


Ion trajectories in Mercury's magnetosphere


Carpenter, J. D.


Microchannel Plates in Astronomy and Planetary Science


Filacchione, G.


Calibrazioni a terra e prestazioni in volo di spettrometri ad immagine nel visibile e nel vicino infrarosso per l'esplorazione planetaria

5 Mangano, V. 2007 Study of the exosphere of Mercury


Riner, M. A.


Compositional variations in the inner solar system: Insights from interior modeling and spectroscopy of Mercury, the Moon and asteroids


Martindale, A.


Novel X-ray Instrumentation for Astronomy

8 Näränen, Jyri 2009 Multiwavelength studies of regolith effects in planetary remote sensing


Zusi, M.


The High Resolution Imaging Channel of the SIMBIO-SYS suite aboard the BepiColombo mission to Mercury

10 Feldman C.H. 2009 Smart X-ray optics for large and small scale applications
11 Simioni, E. 2009 Analysis of the stereoscopic performance of the stereo camera (STC) for thr BepiColombo mission: a new method for 3D reconstruction


Campagnola, S.


New techniques in astrodynamics for moon systems exploration

13 Graziani, A. 2010 Tropospere calibration techniques for deep space probe tracking


Santoli, F.


Development of the ISA accelerometer for the BepiColombo mission to Mercury

15 Penttilä, A. 2011 Light scattering in random media with wavelenght-scale structures:astronomical and industrial applications
16 Tyynelä, J. 2011 Polarization studies in electromagnetic scattering by small Solar-system particles
17 Wahlström, P. 2011

Development of Instrumentation for experimental investigation of Mercury's Atmosphere
18 Wedlund, M. 2011 MERCURY In-flight calibration of the PHEBUS UV instrument and MonteCarlo modelling of the hydrogen exosphere
19 Cicaló, S. 2012 On theoretical and experimental aspects of the rotaion of celestrial bodies
20 Genova, A. 2012 The Geodesy of Mercury with the missions MESSENGER and BepiColombo
21 Marabucci, M. 2012 The determination of the hermean gravity and topography from radio science and laser altimeter data of the mission BepiColombo
22 Palli, A. 2012 Design and implementation of an end-to-end simulator for the BepiColombo rotation experiment
23 Rispoli, R. 2012 Detection of Low-Energy neutral stoms in the planetary environments
24 Ferrari, S. 2013 The surface of Mercury: Interpreting remote-sensing images and spectaral signatures
25 Cesaro, M. 2013 Numerical and Experimental methods for the calibration of electronic instrumentation on BepiColombo mission
26 Mariotti, G. 2014 An integrated transmission-media noice calibration software for deep-space radio science experiments
27 Silvestri, D. 2014 Enhancement of trajectory determination of orbiter spacecraft by using pairs of planetary optical images
28 Zannoni, M. 2014 Development of new toolkits for orbit determination codes for precise radio tracking experiments
29 Corso, A. J. 2014 Ground calibrations of PHEBUS spectrometer onboard of BepiColombo mission
30 Re, C. 2014 Three-dimensional reconstruction of the planetary surfaces from stereo satelite images


Miles, P.


Study of Mercury's neutral molecular exosphere


Lindsay, S. T.


X-ray observations of Mercury


Galluzzi, V.


Structural Analysis of the Victoria Quadrangle (H2) of Mercury based on NASA MESSENGER Data

34 Rodriguez-Ferreira, J. 2015 Étalonnage au sol de l'instrument SIMBIO-SYS á bord de la mission ESA/BepiColombo
35 Thomas, R.J. 2015 Planet Mercury: volatile release on a contracting world
36 Wilkman, O. 2016 Planetary remote sensing with physical scattering models
37 Stark, A. 2016 Observations of Mercury's rotational state from combined MESSENGER laser altimeter and imaging data
38 Mariani, M. Junior 2017 The BepiColombo Gravity and Rotation Experiment in a pseudo drag-free system
39 Gamborino Uzcanga, D. 2019 Mercury's exosphere
40 Kazakov, A. N. 2020
Processing and Scientific Analysis of Data from BepiColombo’s SERENA Space Experiment towards an Advanced Ground System
41 Varatharajan, I. 2021 Evaluating new spectral analysis techniques to study the hot surface of Mercury with MERTIS on BepiColombo: Laboratory and orbital spectroscopy to map surface mineralogy of Mercury

42 Borin, N. 2022 Methods of analysis for stereo observations of planetary surfaces and librations
43 Munaretto, G. 2022 Study of volatiles on planetary surfaces