dates and location

The Comet Interceptor SWT Meeting #2 will take place on 15-16 March 2023 at ESTEC.



Registration for participation in the meeting is required. The registration form can be found on the left-hand side as a subitem to this SWT #2 page. The deadline for registration is 3rd March for participation in person and 10th March for online participation. When registering, please also indicate if you would like to contribute a science presentation and, if applicable, provide a title.




15 March 2023: Room Einstein

09:30   Meeting of the SWT Executive on formation of the Working Groups

Working Group Meetings:

10:15   SWT Working group kick-off (L. Colangeli, M. Küppers, N. Rando)

  • Welcome, Introduction
  • Organization of Working Groups, Introduction of WG chairs

11:00   Coffee Break

11:30   Kick-off Meetings of individual working groups

  • Comet Environment Working Group (Room: Einstein)
  • Target Identification Working Group (Room: CF008)
  • Science Operations Working Group (Room: CF106)

13:00 Lunch break


Open SWT Meeting (Part 1):

14:00   Welcome, Introduction (M. Küppers, H. Kawakita)

14:10   ESA Project Update (N. Rando)

14:30   JAXA Project Update (R. Funase)

14:45   Instrument Lead Scientist update (emphasis on science aspects, Instrument Lead Scientists, 10 min per instrument, 20 min for DFP)

  • Science activities within the instrument team
  • Calibration aspects (synthesis of needs, approach, planning)

16:25   Coffee break

16:45   Report from the CISDC (J. de Keyser)

17:00   Reports from WG kickoff meetings (WG chairs, 10 minutes each)

17:30   Reference operations Plan for Comet Interceptor, status and next steps (M. Küppers, C. Corral van Damme)

18:00   Icebreaker (ESTEC Wintergarden South)



16 March 2023:  Room Einstein

Open SWT Meeting (Part 2):

09:30   Backup target comets (M. Kidger, followed by Discussion)

10:00   Possibilities and limitations of scaling flyby distance to Comet Activity (C. Corral van Damme, M. Küppers, followed by Discussion)

10:30   C/2022 E3: lessons for Comet Interceptor target selection (M. Kidger)

10:45   Target Selection Process (first discussion, ESA introduction)

11:15   Coffee break

           Science Presentations

11:45   Synthesis and characterization of dust/ice cometary dust analogues: supporting the interpretation of EnVisS photo-polarimetric observations (J. C. Gómez Martín)

12:00   Laboratory Simulations of landslides on a young comet (K. Kossacki)

12:15   Scale size of cometary bow shocks and implications for the flyby timeline (N. Edberg)

12:30   AOB, date of next meeting

13:00   Adjourn



Room: CA005

14:00 Meeting of the SWT Executive