Mission Status

Following an internal assessment of the results of the phase 0 studies, the European Space Agency is moving forward starting the Definition Phase (phase A) for the F-class mission Comet Interceptor. 

The Comet Interceptor phase 0 has involved an extensive study performed by the ESTEC Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). The study activities have been completed in December 2019, allowing to define the preliminary mission requirements and to better define the mission design. On the basis of these results, ESA decided to move forward and start the Definition Phase activities (phase A/B).

The spacecraft Invitation To Tender has been released.

The completion of the Definition Phase is expected in 2022.

Some very preliminary spacecraft designs came out of the CDF study. These will of course be updated/changed in the future, and the images below serve simply as a snapshot of where we are now. 

The mission consists of A mother spacecraft, SC A, and two probes, B1 and B2. Comet Interceptor is a collaboration with JAXA, who are providing B1 and its payload.