The Comet Interceptor Science Study Team

The Comet Interceptor Science Study Team (SST) supported ESA during the Study Phase of the mission by performing the following tasks:

• Provide scientific oversight in the fields associated to the scientific theme of the mission

• Participate in the preparation and revision of the mission scientific requirements

• Assess the scientific aspects of the mission performance

• Assist in making any top-level trade-offs

• Support the preparation of the scientific operation plan

• Assist in setting-up scientific requirements on the Science Ground Segment

• Advise on the preparation of the science management scheme

• Produce the Definition Study report

• Act as a focus for the interests of the broad scientific community


The Comet Interceptor Science Study Team were:

Cecilia Tubiana

Colin Snodgrass

Geraint Jones

Hideyo Kawakita

Luisa Lara

Michael Küppers