ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2201AZ NOORDWIJK, The Netherlands

Meeting room:



We will provide panels for you to put up your posters. The panels measure 1m width by 1.4m height. Please make sure your poster fits well within those measurements.

Travel/How to get to ESTEC:

Please check out this link on how to reach ESTEC. If you plan to take a taxi to reach ESTEC, please follow the information on this page. Be aware that the regular ESTEC shuttles do not operate during the week of the meeting.


Entry to ESTEC is only possible with ID. It is required to show your Passport/National ID card in order to pick up your visitor badge from the Gatehouse. Registered participants to the conference will be registered as visitors and can receive a badge. No badge/access will be possible without prior registration.


Conference Check-In:

The conference desk is located in the foyer in front of the meeting room and will be manned on Moday 23.07.2018 starting at 10:00.

You will be issued with a (madatory-to-wear) visitor badge by ESTEC security at the gate which will also function as your name tag. Please nevertheless check in to the conference just to let us know you've arrived. Should you require certificates of attendance etc. please let us know as soon as possible. On the subsequent days we will endeavour to have the desk manned each morning before the first session. Should you not be arriving in the morning please simply make your way to the venue and let us (Janine or Meiert) know you've arrived when you can.


Upon registering at the gate on your first arrival you will be issued with your visitior badge and login information allowing you to connect to the esa-public wireless network. In addition eduroam is available.