SESSION TOPICS proposed by the community AT DASH 2024

  • ChatGPT and other generative AI for science, software and analysis
  • Data analysis software for non-programmer scientists
  • Supercomputing in heliophysics and space weather
  • Science operations center data pipelines
  • Software discovery in the era of Open Science
  • Towards interconnected networks of simulation services and run result archives
    for heliophysics research and space weather forecasting
  • Open validation in Heliophysics and space weather modelling: progress,
    challenges, and the path forward
  • A “Popcorn session”, a general session for other subjects


Confirmed keynote speakers
Enrico Camporeale, University of Colorado Boulder, USA, on AI/ML in heliophysics
Emma Spanswick, University of Calgary, Canada, on Aurora X data platform for aurora science
Christine Verbeke, KU Leuven, Belgium, on the Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre