23-25 September 2019, European Space Agency - ESAC, Madrid, Spain
*2 years after the end of the Cassini mission* 
*A holistic view of Titan as a system*
*Exciting results from Huygens & Cassini during its 13 years journey*


Major topics of the workshop will include:
► the top scientific findings on the surface, interior, and atmosphere
►temporal changes (surface-atmosphere)
►Interior/surface/atmosphere interactions
►Habitability and astrobiology potentials

 The aim is to cover a combination of past and new science focusing on the fields and studies of:
⇒ magnetospheric & atmospheric science
⇒ geology
 ⇒ geophysics
 ⇒ astrobiology
 ⇒ Earth-based observations
⇒ future missions and more

We believe that the timing is perfect for another European workshop to get an updated global vision of Titan
and we encourage you all to participate.

We look forward to see you all in Madrid!