Welcome to the Ulysses Mission Operations Documentation Archive. It contains pre- and post-launch operations and design documentation.

Many of the following documents reside on the D/OPS-DMS Document Management System of ESA's Operations and Infrastructure Directorate. The links from this page will take you to the Login page or directly to the document if you have already logged in. If you need a D/OPS-DMS account, contact Martina Rossmann at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC).

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  • Spacecraft Archive
    • Payload
    • AOCS
    • Data Handling
    • Power
    • Thermal
    • T,T & C
    • Structure and Mechanisms
  • Ground Segment Archive
    • Deep Space Network
    • ESTRACK Network
    • Ulysses Monitor and Control System (UMCS)
    • Flight Dynamics Software (RPMS)
    • Attitude Reckoning from Ground Observable Signals (ARGOS)
    • Program Handling ARGOS Estimates And Calculating Intelligent Actions for Nutation (PHAEACIAN)
    • Scheduling Software
    • Tracking Support
    • Ground Segment Tests
  • Operations Archive
    • Pre-Launch
    • Daily Mission Control Team (MCT) Forms
    • Daily ACE Logs
    • Flight Dynamics
    • Flight Operations Plan (FOP)
    • DSN Scheduling (SFOS & SOE)
    • ESTRACK Scheduling
    • Nutation
    • Anomalies
    • Spacecraft Tests