Ulysses: VRML Trajectory Animation

This Requires the Cosmo VRML Plug-In. Please see <a href="http://cosmosoftware.com/">Cosmo Software</a> for more details.

Introduction: The primary scientific goal of the joint ESA-NASA Ulysses deep-space mission is to explore the inner heliosphere at all latitudes, and at all phases of the solar cycle. The scientific investigations include studies of the solar wind, the heliospheric magnetic field, radio and plasma waves, solar and interplanetary energetic particles, galactic and anomalous cosmic rays, interstellar gas and dust, and cosmic gamma-ray bursts.

Please press the "Play" button on the animation control box, above, to start the animation. The animation may be stopped at any time by pressing the red "Stop" button. To (de)select the orbits of the Pioneer/Voyager spacecraft and the remaining planets, use the blue "Select Orbit" button. The Pioneer/Voyager spacecrafts and the outer planets are best viewed using the heliospheric viewpoint.

Credits | Download VRML viewer at Cosmo or ParallelGraphics