Ulysses/SWICS Archive Query Information

Querying the Ulysses/SWICS Archive

The Ulysses/SWICS Archive can be used and accessed in several ways:
  • You can just browse the Ulysses/SWICS Archive either online (over the Internet/Intranet) or offline (on the local Archive DVD-ROM). The only software you need to do this, is a web browser supporting JavaScript for the navigation menu (IE 6.x or Mozilla Firefox 1.5.x).

  • To make an interactive query over the Internet/Intranet the Archive needs to be installed on a Web Server. The Web Administrators's Guide details how to setup and configure the SAWeb (SWICS Archive Web) software on a server. The client software required to make an online query, is a web browser supporting JavaScript.

  • Additionally the local DVD-ROM based Archive can be queried to interactively select and calibrate the archived Ulysses/SWICS data. The software required for this needs to be installed locally and is included on the DVD. It is called SASWS (SWICS Archive Simple Web Server).

The follwing link loads the approriate Archive Query Form or informs you about the software needed to install on your system to execute an archive query.