ESTEC, 27 March 2009

Newton Conference Room



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<14.00 Welcome D. Southwood


14.15 Ulysses – a scientific odyssey R. Marsden


14.45 Reminiscences of a Project Manager D. Eaton


15.00 How Ulysses was built D. Kolbe


15.15 Coffee Break


History of Ulysses in Shirts (1 GByte video)


15.45 Reminiscences of a Project Scientist K.-P. Wenzel


16.00 Reminiscences of a Principal Investigator A. Balogh


16.15 Making radio measurements on Ulysses K. Issautier


16.30 End of Afternoon Event


18.15 Aperitif (Winter Garden South)


19.00 Dinner (ESTEC Restaurant)