Ulysses Upper Equipment Bay

You clicked on the Payload Heater Fusebox.

Most experiments and experiment heaters are connected to the spacecraft main power bus via the Main Switch, which protects the Power Subsystem from short curcuits or other power anomalies that could occur within the instruments. Some experiment heaters, however, are connected directly to the Main Bus, so some other form of protection is necessary. The Payload Heater Fusebox contains fuses which can isolate the following heater units:


Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer, 2W heater (redundant fuses).

Interplanetary Dust Instrument, 0.8W sensor heater (redundant fuses).

Vector Helium Magnetometer, thermostatic heater.

Gamma Ray Burst instrument, sensor heater (redundant fuses).

Heliosperic Instrument for Spectroscopy & Anisotropy at Low Energies, 6W heater (redundant fuses).

Energetic Particle Composition experiment, 0.5W heater.

Cosmic Ray and Solar Particle Investigation, High Energy Telescope 1.8W heaters (redundant fuses).