Ulysses Mission Operations Team Wins Space Ops Award

The Ulysses Mission Operations Team is honoured to have won the International Space Ops Award for Outstanding Achievement for 2008.

The award was presented by the International Committee on Technical Interchange for Space Mission Operations and Ground Data Systems (perhaps better known as the SpaceOps Committee) "for outstanding efforts in overcoming space operations and/or support challenges, and recognizes those teams or individuals whose exceptional contributions were critical to the success of a space mission".

Gus Macintosh, a long time member of the Ulysses mission operations team, accepted the award on behalf of the entire team on 16th May 2008 at the SpaceOps 2008 conference in Heidelberg, Germany.

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SpaceOps trophy SpaceOps trophy presentation
photo credit: Khee Chan (Ulysses FCT) photo credit: Juergen Mai (www.juergenmai.com)
SpaceOps citation SpaceOps citation presentation
scanned by: Khee Chan (Ulysses FCT) photo credit: Juergen Mai (www.juergenmai.com)