The Ulysses Launch on STS-41


The Space Shuttle Mission STS-41 Patch.
This rare view shows two shuttles on adjacent Launch Complex 39 pads at the Kennedy Space Center. In the foreground the orbiter Columbia was being readied on Pad A for the STS-35 launch before being switched to Pad B for a December 1990 launch. Discovery sits on Pad B and undergoes preparations for the October 6 1990 launch of Ulysses on STS-41.
The STS-41 crew depart the Operations and Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test at Pad 39-B. Front to back: Commander Richard Richards, Pilot Robert Cabana, Mission Specialist (MS) William Shepherd, MS Bruce Melnick, and MS Thomas Akers.
Liftoff of Ulysses on board the Space Shuttle Discovery on 6 October 1990 at 11:47:15 UTC.
Discovery clears the tower...
...and Ulysses is on its way into space.