Stimulate, strengthen, and coordinate space research to understand the governing processes of the connected Sun-Earth System as an integrated entity.


To Stimulate and Facilitate:

  1. Study of the Sun-Earth connected system and the effects which influence life and society.
  2. Collaboration among potential partners in solar-terrestrial space missions.
  3. Synergistic coordination of international research in solar-terrestrial studies, including all relevant data sources as well as theory and modeling.
  4. Effective and user driven access to all data, results, and value-added products. 


Space organizations committed to contribute to ILWS over the next decade.  Contributions to include any of the following:

  • Space Flight Missions
  • Mission payloads or subsystems
  • Mission launch or tracking services
  • Additional data sources supporting flight missions (sounding rockets, balloon, or ground-based)
  • Data dissemination, storage, distribution, and value adding systems
  • Supporting theory and modeling