‘Heliophysics in Europe and 1st European Heliophysics Community meeting'

18-22 November 2024, ESTEC, Netherlands


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Heliophysics is the science of understanding the Sun and its interaction with the Earth and the solar system. Here, we define Heliophysics to encompass space plasma physics throughout the solar system, from Sun to the solar wind, planets and small bodies. Heliophysics has a large and active international community, with significant expertise and heritage in the European Space Agency and Europe.


Following on from the 2023 Heliophysics in Europe meeting, and the resulting recommendations from that meeting, the ESA Heliophysics Working Group will host another ‘Heliophysics in Europe” including the 1st European Heliophysics Community meeting, both online and in person.


The meeting will look to build on the momentum from the first meeting, aiming at better connection of all parts of the Heliophysics community to itself and to all relevant parts of ESA and vice-versa.


The in-person component of the meeting will be held at ESA’s ESTEC location.


If you are interested in being part of the organization of the meeting, please contact Matt Taylor. Matthew.taylor@esa.int