The Symposium aims at bringing together the communities involved in our fleet of planetary and exoplanetary science missions and exploring their synergies


Themes to be covered in the Symposium, for both solar system planets and exoplanets, will include:

  • Planetary formation & evolution  
  • Planetary system architecture, dynamics, stability  
  • Interior structure & processes  
  • Surface geological & geophysical processes 
  • Atmospheric dynamics & chemistry  
  • Ionospheres, magnetospheres, plasma environment
  • Stellar/solar activity and interaction with planet  
  • Habitability & exobiology  

We welcome presentations in all aspects of planetary and exoplanetary science, in disciplines ranging from observation techniques and data analysis to interpretation and modelling.

The Symposium will be held on 20-24 March 2023 at ESA-ESTEC, in the Netherlands. We envisage a hybrid conference with both in person and virtual participation options; further details will be announced soon.

ESLAB is an annual Symposium organised by the Science and Operations Department in the European Space Agency's Directorate of Science. The ESLAB Symposia have been held since 1966 having as main objective to foster scientific cooperation.

The Symposium poster can be downloaded here.


DEADLINES and milestones


12 October 2022: Abstract submission opens

11 November 2022: Deadline for abstracts of contributed talks

16 December 2022: Communication to authors of accepted contributed talks

26 January 2023: Registration opens

26 February 2023 at 11:59 PM (CET): End of early bird registration for onsite participation

3 March 2023: Poster abstract submission deadline

10 March 2023: Poster submission for online presentation deadline

16 March 2023 at 11:59 PM (CET): Onsite and online registration close

20 March 2023: Symposium begins

Confirmed invited speakers


Sudeshna Boro Saikia (U. Vienna)
Heather Cegla (U. Warwick)
Charles Cockell (U. Edinburgh)
Quentin Changeat (ESA)
Jonathan Fortney (U. California)
Ravit Helled (U. Zurich)
Inga Kamp (U. Groningen)
Raphael Luque (U. Chicago)
Lena Noack (FU Berlin)
John Plane (U. Leeds)

Laura Schaefer (U. Stanford)
Josep M. Trigo-Rodríguez (CSIC-IEEC, Barcelona)

Scientific Organising Committee


Natalie Batalha – UCSC, USA
David Ehrenreich – U. Geneva, CH
Leigh Fletcher – U. Leicester, UK
Maximilian Günther – ESA/ESTEC
Ana Heras (co-chair) – ESA/ESTEC
Gaitee Hussain – ESA/ESTEC
Theresa Lüftinger – ESA/ESTEC
Alberto Moreira – DLR, DE
Veerle Sterken – ETH Zurich, CH
Anne-Grete Straume – ESA/ESTEC
Dmitri Titov - U. Leiden, NL
Nienke van der Marel – U. Leiden, NL
Ingo Waldmann – UCL, UK
Colin Wilson (co-chair) – ESA/ESTEC
Olivier Witasse – ESA/ESTEC


LOCAL organising commitTEE


Stefano Bellotti - ESA/ESTEC
Anne Daniels - ESA/ESTEC
Maximilian Günther – ESA/ESTEC
Ana Heras (co-chair) – ESA/ESTEC
Gaitee Hussain – ESA/ESTEC
Theresa Lüftinger – ESA/ESTEC
Mylene Riemens - ESA/ESTEC
Anne-Grete Straume – ESA/ESTEC
Colin Wilson (co-chair) – ESA/ESTEC
Olivier Witasse – ESA/ESTEC