Instructions for Poster presentations


The PLANET-ESLAB-2023 Symposium will be held in a hybrid format for which it will be using the Let's Get Digital (LGD) Platform. On this platform there will be a dedicated and permanent section displaying all digital poster presentations, providing each author with their own online booth. Poster authors that attend onsite are requested to present their posters also online so that they are available to all Symposium participants. The online poster booths contain the following features:

  • Information section including author biography (optional) and affiliation.
  • View and download of the digital poster.
  • Video functionality allowing for a video or voiced upload over the presentation about the digital poster (optional).
  • Chat functionality enabling visitors to communicate with the author.
  • Scheduling of one-to-one video calls for participants with the author.


Preparing for your presentation both onsite and online


  • Please bring a printed poster. No printing facilities are available at ESTEC.
  • A poster can have a maximum dimension of 120 cm wide and 192 cm high. Push pins will be available at the registration desk.

The printed poster may contain text, figures, tables, photographs, etc, which should be neat and legible from approximately 1.50 m (5 ft). This corresponds approximately to the following typical letter size for capitals:   

Title: 15 mm high (size 60)
Subtitles: 12 mm high (size 48)
Text and figure captions: 7.5 mm high (size 30)

Posters using a series of A4 or A3 sheets instead of a proper poster will not be accepted.

  • Authors will be assigned a number corresponding to the associated board. Please refer to the corresponding Table displayed next to the registration desk.
  • Posters need to be removed at the end of the workshop. Any poster left will be removed by the organisers. The organisation will not return any poster to the author. 


  • Browser – use the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience.
  • Connection restrictions – do not use VPN or strong firewalls as they can block the platform. To verify all is working properly you can access the LGD Testing Suite by clicking here.
  • Sound/Audio – it is recommended to use a headset with microphone as it will lead to better sound quality than using your computer audio. Turn off all sound notifications on all your devices.
  • Connection – make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable. You can check your internet speed at:​​​​​​
  • You have the option to prepare either a pre-recorded video presentation or a voice upload over a presentation (no more than 5 minutes) of your digital poster. Kindly ensure that the file is converted to YouTube or VIMEO format.
  • Please use the Virtual Conference Background if you plan to record a video presentation.
  • If you present a poster online, a landscape layout is advisable for screen display, but there is no need to reformat a poster that is also presented onsite.    
  • Dry Run Sessions – these will be scheduled closer to the event date allowing you to get familiar with the various functionalities. Let's Get Digital will get in contact with you to schedule a Session.

    Kindly upload your poster contribution and video presentation here by 10 March 2023.


Your presentation after the Symposium

We have created a channel at the Zenodo scientific repository to store all contributions of the Symposium. We ask all authors to proceed as follows:

  • Open the Zenodo page for the Symposium at:
  • Click on "New upload". The system will ask you for you identification, either with ORCID or signing-up at the system. Zenodo is an open system managed by CERN, OpenAIRE and the European Commission. Visit for more information.
  • Follow the instructions to upload the PDF file of your contribution and video/audio presentation if applicable. Please make sure that you mark your upload as "Poster". Zenodo will assign a DOI number that will allow the identification of your contribution. Your contribution will be indexed by NASA ADS with the assigned DOI, including citation metrics.
  • Once uploaded, the curator of this channel will accept the contribution to be included in the Symposium repository.

Warning: Once a file is uploaded, it cannot be deleted from the system, but it can be replaced by newer versions if needed. If you want to delete any contribution from the Zenodo Symposium repository, please contact the curator (planet-eslab-curator(at) The file will nevertheless remain within the Zenodo system.

All contributions uploaded in Zenodo will be linked to in the Programme Symposium web page.